Bella Toscana Log

Wrought Iron Products by Bella Toscana

About Bella Toscana

Bella Toscana... inspired by the Italian words for "beautiful Tuscany." This region of Italy has given us many memories and great inspiration from our travels there as past business owners of a natural stone company. Like the Italians, we love to entertain and spend time with friends and family. From there we began to design home accessories for entertaining, to create a grand presentation. Not only for entertaining, our collection can be used for your kitchen, patio or even wine cellars.
We are dedicated to offering the finest forged iron work hand crated by skilled artisans. Our ironsmiths hold pieces of iron in a fire until they are hot enough to be hammered and bend into shape to create functional, one of a kind pieces of art. Our most popular is the vineyard collection duplicating the organic beauty of grape vines, which are widespread throughout the vineyards of Italy. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Bella Toscana collection is the polished marble accented with our forged iron. We also use Tuscan antique roof tiles, dating back 100-200 years and hand blown glass creating texture and contrast to make our line unique to the industry.
We are proud to present to you the Bella Toscana collection. We welcome your business, your ideas and look forward to working together for success and friendship


Dimensions and colors may vary slightly due to hand craftsmanship and natural stone. Marble is a natural stone and should receive careful attention to prevent damage. Examples of food/beverages that can etch or stain marble are: alcoholic and carbonated beverages, red wine, fruit juices, acidic fruit such as lemons, limes etc., vinegar, tomato products, cheese, mustard, salad dressings, oil, tea, coffee, butter, and peanut butter. Washing should be done with clean, soft cloths and lukewarm water; occasionally a mild non abrasive detergent may be used. The use of French leaves is recommended.