Fireplace and Hearth Essentials

Hearth accessories are a mixed bag of extremely useful items, including fireplace gas keys and covers, fireplace bellows, and coal bucket and shovel. These mostly wrought iron accessories give homeowners extra tools to ignite, manage, and clean up everyday fires and enjoy extraordinary nights.

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Importance of Fireplace Bellows

When a fire needs a boost or the flames begin to dwindle, often the solution is one of two things: more wood or more air. When air is the culprit, using your mouth to blow air into the fire is both exhausting and useless. Fireplace bellows solve your dilemma by bringing big gusts of focused air into specific spots of the fire. By continually opening and compressing the bellow sack, fresh air blows smoothly through the nozzle and gives the fire much needed breaths of fresh air. This helps remove ash and soot that is covering air pockets and provides a steady stream of air to the larger, fresher flames. Bellows are also great additions to the typical fireplace tool set, helping attain a look that makes your fireplace atmosphere feel complete.

Complimentary Hearth Product Categories

Since your fireplace is the focal point all year round its likely your going to be decorating around it all year round. Candle holders are a very common accessories, click here to shop all iron candle holders and candelabras. Floor Vases are also common and can be made from a variety of materials including Iron, Glass, and Pottery. We also have a large selection of vases for your hearth or mantel. Another accessory that's a bit more seasonal are mantel hooks, or stocking hangers, click here to view those. - OR -

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