Curtain Swags

Our curtain swags are available in a variety of styles and themes to match any decor. They are made of strong metal and feature a timeless flat black powder coated finish. These curtain swags are sold in pairs and come with matching wood screws for mounting.

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How Are Curtain Swags Used?

Curtain swags are decorative brackets placed at each side of a window frame to support scarves or draperies. They allow curtains to adorn the top of the frame and slide elegantly down the sides of a window. Typical curtain rods maintain a horizontal line along the top of a window frame. Wrought iron curtain swags give a homeowner the ability to veer from that tradition and bring a flowing look to any room's decor. They are often mounted just above the window and to the sides of the frame, insuring curtains do not block out sunlight. Most decorators utilize swags when wanting to keep a light, airy look to a room. The great thing about wrought iron curtain swags is their ability to blend elegantly into any living space within a home. Whether designing a tasteful dining area or sprucing up a small bathroom, free flowing curtains add a touch of style.

Decorating Tips with Wrought Iron Curtain Swags

When utilizing curtain swags in any room's decor, the options for interior designers are endless. Wrought iron is durable enough to handle everything from silks to heavy velvet materials. Smaller windows will be enhanced by draping cotton blends over tasteful swags while a more dramatic look is obtained with brocades. Always take into account the furnishings in a room before choosing the curtain material and swag design. The display of curtain swags is not just limited to a piece of drapery. Swags are utilized over blinds and shades for a warm touch to a window that requires limited lighting. A layered look is achieved when topping another curtain hung from a rod. The length of draperies depends on the eye appeal a homeowner wants to obtain. Smaller windows look great with short curtains draped over wrought iron patterned swags while larger frames may need floor length designs. Enhance the look of any room with wrought iron curtain swags that come in a number of hand-crafted patterns.