Round Wrought Iron Base Dining Tables

Round iron dining tables are used for more than just functional space savings, they are a place to enjoy that home cooked meal and a gathering place for friends and family. Round dining tables allow everyone to easily converse without leaving those at the far ends out of touch. An iron base dining table is your family gathering place, its your weekend office, its your timeless holiday tradition. Lean more about wrought iron dining tables here.

Iron Dining Table Tips, Tricks and helpful Information

Not only are these round dining tables great for conversing they are a conversation piece all on their own. Hand-Forged by artisan blacksmiths who have a passion for the functional art they create. Their passion is what drives our products to the highest quality standards. With dynamic design elements of decorative scrolls, subtle curves and modern lines, our myriad of wrought iron base offerings, when paired with table tops of hammered copper, finely finished wood, reclaimed wood or glass, span the style spectrum from traditional to Old World to contemporary. Iron bases and tops are also available to purchase separately.

What kind of dining chairs can I use?

Many types of dining chairs work well with wrought iron base dining tables including: solid wood, wrought iron, wood/metal mix, and fully upholstered, it really comes down to preference and the look your going for.
  • Wood Chairs
  • Iron Chairs
  • Upholstered Chairs
Note: When selecting dining chairs for your round table consider space and size limitations or requirements of the table and your dining room such as those noted in the "What size table do I need" section below.

What diameter dining table do I get for the number of seats I need?

If you have less space in your dining room a round dining table works very well. It will fit snugly into a tighter spot while accommodating more people. The absence of pointed edges on a round table makes it a safe option in small places because you and your guests won't bump into corners.
  • To seat 2 people you will want a; 24-30 inch diameter dining table
  • To seat 4 people you will need a; 32-48 inch diameter dining table
  • To seat 6 people you will need a; 48-54 inch diameter dining table
  • To seat 8 people you will need a; 60-72 inch diameter dining table
  • To seat 10 people you will need a; 72-84 inch diameter dining table

Tips and Tricks - Making sure you dining table fits your room

  • Allow 42"- 48" of space between the edge of your table and wall or other furniture in the room. This provides enough space to comfortably sit, get up and walk around the table while its being used.
  • Allow 28"- 32" of space for each seat. This includes 24-28" for the chair and 4-6" between each chair.
  • Allow 4"- 6" of space between each chair from one chairs arm to another.
  • Allow 12"- 14" amount of comfortable leg room you will want for each person under the table.
  • Make sure that your table height allows the arms of your dining chairs to slide beneath the top.
  • Lastly - When in doubt about the fit, draw a scaled down version of your dining room on a piece of paper to visualize the available space. Or, take something similar to the size of your table, you can use; paper, cardboard, or tape and mark off the area in your room where your new dining table will eventually be to see how the area looks and feels with something that sises in it.

Do I have to assemble my dining table?

Table top are shipped separately from the iron base so you will have to attach your table top to the base which is very simple. Wood, copper and some marble tops are attached to the iron base with screws, while glass and natural stone tops are set atop small rubber bumpers which are attached to the iron base. For detailed instructions on attaching your table top please click here.

Our hand-forged iron table bases are fully welded and ship in one piece so there are no wobbly legs or loose bolts like cheaper big-box store versions.

How do I care for my round iron dining table?

Maintaining and cleaning your iron dining table is very simple. Your wrought iron table base can be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth and wiped dry. You can use the same cleaning method for all tops. Do not use harsh chemicals on any wood, copper or zinc table tops. Chemicals are hard on the finish and they are just not good for you or the environment.

If you purchased a copper, or zinc table top you will want to apply a coat of furniture wax to the surface to continue protecting it form the elements, the more you use your top the more often you will want to do this. We ship all your copper and zinc tops with a protective layer of this wax and we use Minwax, Light "Paste Finishing Wax" to maintain the tops. Minwax products are available at almost anyone of your local hardware stores. For detailed copper and zinc top care instructions please click here.

What style tables do you have?

Depending on your style there is at least one iron dining table that fits into your decor category. One of the beautiful things about iron is that when heated, talented craftsmen can pound, shape, and form the metal into any style you wish. Although we may not have every round iron table style ever made, we do have at least one in every style category from rustic to modern here.

What materials are used or available?

Iron Bases - Iron is the most commonly used material on all of our round dining tables. Iron is used for the table base which is the foundation of your table. This versatile material allows us to work the iron into any form, shape or size while still maintaining superior strength, support and style over other materials. Please note that not every table is available with all of the table top materials listed below. To find out what top options are available with the table you like click on the product for specific custom top options.

Copper Tops - Copper is a very beautiful material that has taken to home owners and designers like wild fire. Combining the two raw materials of iron and copper is stunning, it sets the room apart with its organic textures and color. Both materials are hand worked and finished by artisans so their is authenticity in every single piece, no two will ever be identical. Natural black is the most common iron frame finish with a copper table top. Note: Copper tops are not solid they are hand hammered, a patina it applied and then it is wrapped around a wooded core.

Zinc Tops - Zinc is a little newer to the dining room furnishings scene but it continues to grow in popularity as the industrial chic style find its way into homes, bars, and restaurants. Both the iron base and zinc top are hand worked and finished by artisans, no two pieces of furniture will ever be the same. Note: Zinc tops are not solid they are hand hammered, a patina it applied and then it is wrapped around a wooded core, sometimes the zinc must be riveted to the core which can be seen in the product images.

Wood Tops - Looking for that classic wrought iron and wood combination for your dining room? Wood has been capturing hearts and finding is way into dining rooms since man first discovered its beauty and versatility. You can do no wrong with a beautiful wrought iron and wood round dining table in your home. There are variety of solid round wood top options available for your iron table base. Since wood types, finishes and styles vary so much by manufacture its best you find the table style you like, click on it and see what custom wood top options are available.

Glass Tops - Glass is another great material option for your table top, its a very clean and elegant option. Glass allows you to enjoy the detail of your wrought iron table base. Note: Since glass can be difficult to ship in large sizes some round dining tables dont have the glass table top option for online ordering. If you find a table you love but want a glass top we can help you find a local glass company to cut, deliver and install your new top for less $$ and little to no risk of damage.

Marble Or Stone Tops - Marble and natural stone tops are simply are beautiful. Not all of our tables have the option of a natural stone or marble top, to see if your table is available with a stone top click on the item for more custom top details. If you have your own source for a natural stone, granite or other solid table top then you are welcome to order just the iron base.

If a round dining table doesn't work for your space click here to go back and shop square and rectangle top dining tables with wrought iron bases.

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