Flame Resistant Hearth Rugs

Hearth rugs are both functional and decorative. They are made from flame resistant material to protect the space in front of your fireplace from occasional stray sparks. Hearth rugs also look great by extending and merging your fireplace area with the living area, helping to bring the decor together. Available in various colors and patterns.

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Advantage of Hearth Rugs

There are many advantages to using hearth rugs beside your fireplace. It's important to be proactive and purchase because you may not realize the advantages until after an issue has occurred.
  • Hearth rugs are composed of fire-resistant materials which prevent sparks and hot ash from destroying the space in front of your fireplace. They are all designed with a generous radius to protect your flooring or carpet from all angles.
  • Hearth rugs provide a mat for which you can place twigs, logs, and other fire-building objects. It protects your floor from dirt and can be easily cleaned by shaking it outdoors. The rug's placement directly in front of the fireplace also means easy access to the hearth when attempting to build a fire.
  • Hearth rugs are excellent over wood flooring or other hard materials because they provide a soft spot for which children and adults can rapidly warm body parts next to the fire.
  • Hearth rugs often come in country designs and rustic colors to provide a feeling of simple, slow living - a time when gathering around the fire to chat with family was more important than the latest gadgets and games.
  • Because fireplaces contain such hard features, the hearth rug provides a soft element to balance the environment of the room and create harmony amongst all your decor.

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