Wrought Iron Candle Holders

Our candle holders are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes to fit everyone's decorating style. Nearly everyone enjoys the soft relaxing ambiance that comes from a lit candle, and candles siting in a decorative candle holder can be even more relaxing as the candle flame dances off the beautiful iron work. Shop our entire line of unique iron candle holders below and start enjoying candles in a whole new way.

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Origin of the Hurricane Candleholder

Candles were the sole provider of light until the invention of electricity. A simple holder became a problem when moving the candle from room to room or using it outside. The wind would blow out the flame with very little force. Hurricane candle holders became popular in the 1600's and provided shields against breezes. The great thing about this product is the way wind is directed away from the flame without preventing light from shining through. Once electricity became available to all households, the hurricane candle holder was no longer necessary. Today the modern holders are quite ornate and make excellent home accents.

History of the Candle

The origin of the candle began with the Romans who developed this light source to help travelers at night, light homes and places of worship. They relied on tallow gathered from sheep and cattle as the main ingredient. The Middle Ages brought about the use of beeswax, secreted from honeybees. These candles were a huge improvement due to a decrease in flame smoke and the lack of acrid odors. Americans made their contribution thanks to the colonial women who utilized the grayish green berries of the bayberry bush. This produced a sweet smelling wax that burned cleanly. The 18th century whaling industry found the use of spermaceti wax to be more durable and long lasting. It wasn't until 1850 that paraffin was utilized. Due to a low melting point, this method of candle making almost diminished. The addition of stearic acid solved this problem by making the wax hard and durable. This mixture has been the number one choice in candles since that time.

Wrought Iron Candle Holder Designs

Wrought iron candle holders are offered in so many designs it is easy to accent any home's decor. Traditional tabletop holders are available with intricate design patterns able to hold votive, pillar and tapered candles. A variety of sizes blend elegantly with whatever furnishings they are accenting. Large living spaces will enjoy the ambiance of a floor candelabrum while bare walls can be enhanced with beautiful sconces. Wrought iron oil table lamps offer a longer burning time for those family get-togethers or entertaining guests. Candle jar sconces look great on a shelf, desk or windowsill. Whether the choice is a tiered look or single votive, wrought iron will maintain its luster for years. The hard part is determining what design pattern you like best. Each product is authentically created by talented craftsmen to bring a timeless splendor to any home.