Wrought Iron Fireplace Andirons

Wrought iron fireplace andirons are a useful and decorative accessory used to keep the wood off the floor and burning strong. Air is able to circulate and provide a continuous stream of comfortable warmth. They stand solid during the most roaring fires and the variety of designs and patterns gives you plenty of beauty and choice. Each one is authentically crafted by blacksmiths using century old techniques with modern tools.

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History of Wrought Iron Andirons

When fire was first studied, it was found that allowing air to circulate brought about larger and hotter flames. This prompted the invention of andirons, produced from a horizontal bar that sits upon short legs. By holding up the logs, a draft of air will permit proper burning with less smoke. Until the 14th century, andirons constructed of wrought iron had quite a plain look. The Italian Renaissance period brought about design and art to normal household items. Among them was the andiron, often patterned after symbols, sphinxes and mythological creature. Because this wrought iron beauty was often referred to by the animal it resembled, to this day many individuals still call the andiron a firedog. This term was once only used in the southern United States, but is now recognized everywhere.

Using Wrought Iron Andirons with Grates

Wrought iron andirons are designed to enable airflow to circulate throughout the log pile, so it's the perfect place to start a fire. To begin, place paper, twigs or a starter log across the andirons horizontal bars and light. Then set a wrought iron grate across the andiron bars and above the fire. Once the starter fire is stable, place larger sticks and logs atop the crate to begin the larger fire. Do not place larger logs on too quick or you may risk smothering the fire. Besides showcasing its beauty, the andiron's legs also prevent logs from rolling outside the fire. This combination of andirons and grates is the ultimate fire starter set. Fireplace Grates are a complimentary product that can be purchased here; Or, click here to shop all fireplace and hearth hardware.