Wrought Iron Headboards

A well-designed wrought iron headboard gives structure, beauty and added functionality to every bed. Wrought iron headboards also outline the area of a bed, giving it an established space within the bedroom and then rise above the bed's level plane producing an attention-grabbing shape. Beyond its looks, metal headboards offer smooth edges and sturdy bars that help sleepers use their hands to get in and out of bed. The contrast of soft bedding with hard iron surroundings is subtly artistic and massively appealing. With such a beautiful and sturdy construction, iron headboards complete the look of the bedroom and help people get a good night's rest. Click on a headboard below for product details and custom options.

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More Information about Wrought Iron Headboards -

Wrought iron headboards come in all shapes and bed sizes, giving homeowners the flexibility to find the perfect match. Many headboard styles are inspired by nature, romantic themes, and contemporary designs. When choosing an appropriate wrought iron headboard, it's important to think about the current decor in your bedroom or use the headboard as the starting point for your bedroom style. With so many options from Timeless Wrought Iron, you're bound to find a beautiful headboard that matches your personality and your home

Wrought Iron vs. Wood

There are many advantages to choosing a wrought iron headboard over a wooden one:

  • Wrought iron headboards resist the deep scratches, indentations, and stains that wood headboards commonly receive
  • Many wrought iron headboards feature thinner spindles, offering a more airy and open look
  • Wrought iron is a more versatile material, allowing for scrolls, leaf patterns, and other unique features
  • Wrought iron can be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth without fear of ruining the material

How can I use a wrought iron headboard in my home?

In addition to their intended use at the head of the bed, wrought iron headboards can be used for a variety of other purposes. Their fun and fancy style can be transported to other areas of the home to fill a void. For example:

  • Bench backrest - Use a wrought iron headboard as the back a bench. It becomes a perfect backrest and provides an additional beautiful and visually interesting element to your interior space. This style bench would be especially suited to an entryway or garden room.
  • Room divider - Rather than placing the wrought iron headboard behind the bed, place it between two sections of a room to act as an ideal divider in an open living space.
  • Bookshelf backdrop - For short bookshelves without a backing, fit the wrought iron headboard between the shelves and the white wall to create a marvelous looking backdrop for your books.

What types and styles of wrought iron headboards do you carry?

We strive to offer a beautiful iron headboard to suit every bed and every bedroom. From traditional to contemporary and every design style in between, we have you covered.

What materials are your wrought iron headboards made of?

In addition to exquisite handcrafted wrought iron designs, you may choose from headboards that use iron plus other high quality materials to enhance their visual appeal, including:

  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Wrought Iron

What shapes and sizes will I find in your collection of wrought iron headboards?

We offer twin, full, queen or king size headboards in many shapes. From sleek straight lines to romantic curves and swirls, our headboards are chic and stylish and they reach varying heights from high to low.

How do I care for my wrought iron headboard?

Maintenance of our wrought iron headboards is easy and painless. Simply wipe them clean with a soft damp cloth and treat other materials such as wood or metal according to the recommended cleaning method for that particular material. For more detailed information on wrought iron care, click here to view our Wrought Iron Product Care and Knowledge page.

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