Wrought Iron Quilt and Blanket Stands

Wrought iron quilt racks, blankets stands and towel racks are both beautiful and practical. Iron blanket and quilt stands decoratively keep your blankets organized and easily accessible. Whether you need a place to hang your decorative comforter overnight or a way to display that treasured antique quilt handed down through the years from generation to generation, a wrought iron quilt rack is a perfect choice. Our handsome iron designs are hand-forged with simple straight lines or lots of appealing scrolls and curves-here's one suited to any decor style.

Wrought Iron Quilt Racks & Blanket Stands How To / FAQ / Tips

How can I make the best use of my wrought iron quilt rack?

Since iron quilt racks and blanket stands are made for their essential functionally, they are at their most beautiful when serving their intended purpose--holding quilts, blankets, comforters or towels.

  • Bathroom-Hanging towels
  • Bedroom-Hanging blankets, comforters and displaying quilts.
  • Nursery-Displaying baby quilts. (Remember, once baby becomes mobile, care should be taken to address safety issues in the nursery and other rooms.)
  • Living Room-Displaying treasured antique or contemporary art quilts.

What shapes and sizes are included in your collection of wrought iron quilt racks and blanket stands?

Our wrought iron quilt racks and blanket or towel stands come in a range of sizes, for instance 23"W x 18"D x 47"H and 33"W x 12.5" D x 33" H. See individual product descriptions for size.

How do I care for my wrought iron quilt racks and blanket stands?

Wrought iron quilt racks and blanket stands very easy to care for. Simply wipe with a soft cloth. Never use harsh chemicals. For more detailed information on wrought iron maintenance, Click here to see our Wrought Iron Product Care and Knowledge page.

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