Wrought Iron Cabinet Hardware | Hand-Forged Pulls and Knobs

When adding the finishing touch to cabinetry many decorators and designers accent them with hand-forged iron cabinet hardware for a rich authentic look and feel. This collection of wrought iron cabinet hardware includes a variety of pulls and knobs available in many styles, sizes and finishes to fit your budget and decorating style.

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Quick and Easy Wrought Iron Touches

Sprucing up a master bath, smaller guest bathroom, or kitchen does not require a complete overhaul. Simple touches of elegance can bring the room to life and add style like no other. Wrought iron cabinet hardware is a really nice way to do this. Most rooms with cabinets see a lot of frequent use and that goes for the cabinet hardware as well. Wrought iron is durable and will not lose its luster over time. Consider the theme within a room and accentuate it with intricate design patterns produced by only the most skilled blacksmiths of the trade. All wrought iron cabinet hardware is authentic and hand-crafted using age old methods of metal forging.

Wrought Iron Cabinet Hardware Patterns

Homeowners can choose from a variety of patterns for drawer pulls, knobs and door handles. Mounting hardware comes with all products for easy installation. The wrought iron drawer pulls are produced in dimensions of 3", 4" or 6" with your choice of finishes. For rustic themes, a woodland brown or rust color will accentuate any bathroom cabinet. Those looking for more traditional themes may request natural black or gunmetal. Other finishes include hand rubbed bronze, pewter and brass with iron accents in gold or copper. Horizontal cabinet door handles come in 4" x 2" sizes with a powder coated black matte finish. When purchasing handles with silhouettes, they may be utilized facing right or left depending on your needs. Wrought iron cabinet knobs display an authentic hand-crafted look to any rooms decor. Choose from a simple round design to a more intricate pine cone pattern. This product also comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

Beauty of Wrought Iron Cabinet Hardware

When accenting any home with wrought iron, timeless elegance becomes an heirloom for generations to come. Knowing that someone has painstakingly hand-forged this metal into a work of art, authenticates the passion a homeowner puts into their decor. Wrought iron has been utilized for centuries due to its ability to hold a gorgeous luster while maintaining durability and strength. Bathrooms should not be treated any differently than other rooms of a home when it comes to accenting. Continue the style and splendor found throughout bedrooms, living areas and dining rooms. Wrought iron cabinet hardware becomes a part of the home that displays a family's tradition and taste.