Curtain Rod Finials For 1-in Diameter Rods

These hand-forged finials are designed to be used on any 1 inch diameter curtain rod. Available in a variety of styles these finials can be ordered in several different finishes to complement your decor. 1 inch curtain rods are also available please call 800.957.1178 for details on our 1 inch curtain rods.

Helpful Information about Curtain Rod Finials

Although there are many hardware pieces for curtains and draperies, finials tend to set the decor. When opting for these wrought iron masterpieces, take a look around the room. Every home has a theme based on the owner's tastes. Some individuals bring the outside indoors with a rustic appeal towards wildlife. Others may want a more modern look with straight, smooth lines. Of course, there is always the contemporary design reminiscent of a Victorian Era. A variety of finials allows the choice of replicated wood to scrolling, intricate pieces. Whatever the theme may be, skilled craftsmen will construct a product conducive to a home's atmosphere.

The Right Finials For My Home

Finials do more than top off a beautiful window dressing; they set the mood for an entire room. The color and shape should collaborate with an area to catch the theme and style. With wrought iron finials, the choice you make is very important to any home's decor. Take a look at the furnishings and determine whether they are traditional, contemporary or modern. Follow this theme with matching finials made of beautiful, sturdy wrought iron. If there are other metal furnishings within the room, stay with a similar flair in design. Some individuals tend to decorate each room in a home with a completely different taste. To keep rhythm within the environment, utilize an all-purpose curtain finial in a sphere shape. This will add unity to all windows while enhancing the beauty of every room.

Tips on Finial Finishes

The finish of any finial should reflect the style and decor of a home. When decorating with darker colors, utilize a lighter copper finish to bring forth the traditional reflection of an earlier period in time. Gunmetal and natural black look great with a masculine theme such as in an office or den. Men will find these decorative finials tasteful and attractive. Move towards a rust or hand-rubbed pewter finish for a more rustic decor that reflects the outdoors. These finials look great in a cabin or older home. A renaissance flair can be captured with hand-rubbed bronze and brass. Intricate design patterns with this finish provide an unmatched elegance to any home. Choose from an array of designs that reflect a homeowner's taste and then top it off with the perfect finish.