Wrought Iron Wreath Hangers

Get ready for the holidays with decorative Wrought Iron Wreath Hangers. Wreath Hangers measure 13" in length - Lays flat against door - Powder Coated finish for years of great looks, indoors or outdoors - Designed to be used on any door - No mounting hardware required, simply hook the top of the hanger over your door. These over the door wreath hangers also work great for everyday use, doubling as a utility hook for hanging jackets, hats, towels, etc...

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An entranceway adorned with a decorative wreath hung by a wrought iron wreath hanger is always a welcoming sight during the holidays. They are designed to be mounted on any door without the need for hardware. The intricately patterned hook hangs over the entry allowing the wreath to lay flat against the door. When the holidays are over, these wrought iron hangers can be utilized to hang hats, jackets or towels. They are versatile enough to move from outdoors to the interior of any home without losing their luster.

Christmas Wreaths

A beautiful addition to one's holiday decor is the Christmas Wreath. Most homes enjoy hanging this accent with delicate bows, bulbs or lights. The tradition of the Christmas Wreath originated during the season of Advent. Each one was made of evergreen leaves that symbolized the permanence of life. In the center of the wreath could be found 4 small candles with a larger one in between. The candles were associated with each day of Advent and normally lit right before a family's dinner. Christmas Eve saw the lighting of the larger candle. Wreaths were created in a circular pattern with no beginning or end, representing Christianity's eternal life. Decorations often included pinecones and nuts which were considered symbols of resurrection.

Wreaths All Year Round

Many people like to enhance the door of their main entrance with beautiful wreaths. The fun part is decorating them for every season of the year. Instead of purchasing a ready-made wreath, why not personalize one to fit your individual tastes. Christmas time gives way to decorating with bulbs, lights, candles and bows. The other three seasons are just as easy. Springtime flowers adorned with elegant greenery let guests know warmer months are ahead. When summer officially arrives, change the flowers or choose from a variety of other ideas. Utilize seashells that have been collected on past beach trips and place an ornate lighthouse in the middle of the wreath. The Fall season can be captured with vibrant orange and gold colors. Decorate a wreath with mums, hydrangeas and roses for a bold look.

Care and Maintenance of a Wrought Iron Wreath Hanger

When choosing from several options of Wrought Iron Wreath Hangers, the one thing to remember is the ease of maintenance. Hanging this beautiful work of art indoors simply requires an occasional dusting. If the wreath hanger is in a high traffic area susceptible to grime, wash it with a mild dish soap and water mix every couple of months. For those who prefer the outdoor look of a wreath hanger, place a light coating of car wax on the metal prior to use. This will discourage rusting and dirt buildup while holding the luster of a finish. If the rustic look is what you are after, wrought iron does not become patchy like other metals, it will elegantly display age on the entire hanger.

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