Wrought Iron Snow Gauges

If you have ever tried to take an accurate reading of the snow depth you know how difficult and inaccurate that can be. Wrought iron snow gauges accurately display the snow depth and can be viewed from a distance. Children will enjoy watching the snow accumulate during a wintry day while adults have a conversation starter with guests. These snow gauges are both functional and decorative.

More about our Wrought Iron Snow Gauges -

Measuring snowfall accurately in the winter time is a great learning tool for children and adults will enjoy the timeless touch this hand-forged wrought iron snow gauge adds to their yard. These snow gauges feature a baked on powder coat finish that is designed for outdoor use, to prevent rusting avoid scratching or chipping the finish. Should you accidentally damage the finish a quick touch up with black metal paint will help prevent rusting. You can also let the finish and the metal rust over time, how long this takes depends greatly on the weather and how well you protected the finish. Some folks love the look of weathered garden art so they accelerate the rusting process by stripping off the black finish or simply letting it run the course over several seasons.

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