Combination Curtain Rod & Shelf Brackets

The curtain shelf brackets are a unique idea for any home's decor. These brackets provide space above for a 5-in deep shelf and hook hangers for your curtain rods below. The shelf provides a great place for photos, antiques or specialty accents. Skilled artisans designed these curtain shelf brackets in many styles to meet every designer's need. These brackets are sold in sets of 2 and include finish matching wood screws for mounting them. Shelves are not included.

Helpful Curtain Shelf Bracket Information

What Are Curtain Rod Shelve Brackets Exactly?

A homeowner spends a lot of time and care choosing just the right window dressings with attractive rods. Why not utilize this area to accentuate a room with your favorite photos, figurines or decorative candles? This can easily be done with wrought iron curtain shelf brackets that hold a 1" x 6" milled board above your stylish drapery rod. Center support brackets are available for wider window frames over 61". A curtain shelf looks great in a dining area displaying elegant dishes and heirloom plates. The powder coated black matte finish blends well into any decor with a sense of style obtained only with wrought iron. Curtain shelves are the ideal way to accentuate cathedral ceilings. Often it appears that a decorator's style ends before the ceiling begins. Shelving options above the window seem to extend a homeowner's flair upwards.

Advantages of Wrought Iron Curtain Shelf Brackets

Wrought iron curtain shelf brackets bring beauty to a home's decor like no other. The stylish design and timeless splendor will last for years to come. Many individuals enjoy collecting treasures that often end up in a box or closet. Now they can be displayed without making a room seem cluttered and will be protected by their high level where accidents are not likely to happen. Small children often want to play with delicate collector pieces they find laying around on tables. A wrought iron curtain shelf will eliminate this problem while still maintaining a homeowner's taste and style. Wrought iron is durable enough to withstand the weight of heavier objects without losing its luster. Simple maintenance consists of dusting with a soft cloth and washing with a non-abrasive cleaner.