Wrought Iron Bathroom Shelving Units

Looking for a decorative way to store bathroom linens and other bathroom necessities? These free standing shelving units provide plenty of storage without taking up valuable floor space in your bathroom. Decorative wrought iron frames give these shelving units a unique style while providing superior stability with their fully welded construction. Our wrought iron standing shelves are available in several styles and sizes - Some even have custom finish and shelf options allowing you full design flexibility. Sizes vary in height, width, depth and number of shelves - For complete product details please find a style you like below and click on the product to view your options.

Helpful Bathroom Shelf Information -

Decorating Tips

Wrought iron standing shelves are quite versatile for any bathroom. Interior decorators utilize this beautiful shelf in larger rooms to provide a showcase for a family's precious accents. A lot of time is spent on the decor of a home, but typically lacks in the bathroom. Wrought iron standing shelves look elegant when displaying gorgeous frames that hold family memories. Place an antique clock on a shelf and eliminate the need for leaving the bathroom to check the time. Decorative candles, soaps, vases and books will complete the look. Smaller bathrooms will find function in the standing shelves. Many guest or half baths do not have closet space. Tastefully stack hand towels, soap, and other necessities while keeping with the home's decor. A tall wrought iron standing shelf will provide many options without making a small room look crowded.

Starting a Family Tradition

When loved ones pass on, families usually look for items that hold special memories to keep as heirlooms. Wrought iron stands out in any decor, demonstrating strength and longevity. Knick knacks, towels and other items displayed on a standing shelf at your grandmother's home will bring back loving thoughts when that same stand is utilized in modern decor. Wrought iron is virtually maintenance free and will last for years. The durability allows one to eliminate the concern for exhibiting heavy objects. From rolling scroll designs to a more traditional look, wrought iron will accent any bathroom with style. Continue the tradition by passing this elegant standing shelf on to future generations.