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Our wrought iron side chairs come in many styles, from timeless classic to contemporary. As for materials, you'll be pleased with our hand-forged wrought iron, mild steel and other metals, leather, faux leather and custom fabrics. Versatile side chairs can be used alone, with armchairs or alternatively with a banquette or bench. No matter what combination of seating you choose, iron side chairs work beautifully around tables of all shapes and materials. For a quick and easy dining room solution wrought iron side chairs can be paired with their companion tables from the same collection - no big decisions here. But, they also work equally well with wood or metal and mixed material tables. In other words, side chairs are just about as versatile as a dining chair gets. From spacious Tuscan style dining rooms and open industrial style lofts to tiny modern eat-in kitchens, we have you covered. There's a perfect side chair for every space. Helpful iron side chair purchasing information.

Wrought Iron Side Chair Resource Center

What is a Side Chair?

A side chair is a chair with a straight back and no arms. It can have an upholstered seat and/or back but the frame itself is usually bare and may be made of wood or metal.

What height side chair should I choose?

Dining tables are generally 28 to 30" high, requiring chairs with seats measuring 15 to 18" from the floor. Side chairs for both cafe and dining tables meet that range, allowing for 10 to 13" between the seat and the table.

How do I know how many chairs will fit at my dining table?

To figure out how many side chairs will fit comfortably around your dining table, allow for 28 to 32" of space for each person. Here are two tips for general spacing of side chairs:
  • Allow 24 to 28" for the chair width (armless)
  • A minimum of 4 to 6" is required between chairs

What materials are your side chairs made of?

Nearly all chairs offered by Timeless Wrought Iron will have hand-forged iron or mild steel frames and bases, but seats and backrests are offered in other high-quality materials including:
  • Wood
  • Real Leather
  • Faux Leather
  • Fabric
  • Copper
  • Zinc

What iron finishes can I specify?

Finish options are listed in the Specifications section for each item. A few of the finishes we offer are:
  • Textured Black
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Etched Silver
  • Woodland Brown
  • Hand Rubbed Ivory
  • Antique Gold

How do I care for my wrought-iron side chairs?

We recommend regular dusting or buffing with a soft, lint-free cloth. For the occasional spill or drip, warm soapy water will work well (rinse and dry with a soft cloth.) Furniture wax may be used periodically to maintain the metal's finish. Upholstery, both leather and fabric, should be cared for as you would any fine cloth or leather.

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