Wrought Iron Bar Stools

All of our Hand-Forged Iron Bar Stools have seat heights ranging from 28-30 inches high.

Here you'll find comfortable iron bar stools that fit your personal style and decor whether your look is rustic, modern, industrial, traditional, contemporary, or anything in-between. Design your stools with custom upholstery, iron finish and swivel options - To start building your stools click on a style below for details. Click here for helpful iron bar stool information.

Resource for picking the right size, style & options -

Fun facts -

A bar stool has a 3 or 4 leg base with a seat that measures 28-30-in. from the floor. Note, there are several options to a bar stool including varieties with swivel and non swivel seats, backrest and no-backrest, and arms or no-arms.

What height do I need?

This depends on the height of your bar or bar table, which can measure between 39 to 42-in. Tip for picking the right seat height.
  • Keep 8-10-in. between the bottom of your table and the top of your set.
For a detailed sizing guide click here.

How many stools will fit in my space?

To figure out how many bar stools will fit your bar or counter, measure how much space you have to sit at. Bar stools with arms and back rests need approximately 21-30-in. of space for each stool because the arms and backrests make them quite a bit wider. For bar stools without backs or arms you will need 18-21-in. of space for each stool. Here is a tip for spacing bar stools:
  • Allow 4-5-in. between non-swivel/stationary bar stools for comfortable seating and enough room for guests to get out.
  • Allow 5-6-in. between swivel bar stools to allow enough room for guests to swivel out.

What kind of materials are used on our stools?

Nearly all of the stools you see here have iron bases and frames that have been hand-forged from iron or mild steel. It's the custom seat and back rest options where materials will vary. The list of premium materials includes:
  • Iron, or Mild Steel
  • Authentic Leather
  • Faux Leather
  • Cloth
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Various Wood Species

Do you have any matching bar tables to go with these bar stools?

Yes, absolutely - Click here to shop our full line of complimentary wrought iron bar tables.

How do I take care of my iron bar stools?

Simply clean with warm soapy water and dry. Don't use harsh chemicals on your stools, it's hard on the upholstery and finishes, and they really aren't good for the environment. Dust with a soft lint free cloth. Treat your leather and faux materials with quality leather furniture care products to keep them soft.

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