Free Standing Wrought Iron Towel Racks

Wrought iron towel racks are unique because they can be moved to change the design of any bathroom. Many individuals prefer this method of hanging their towels and washcloths due to not having stationary rods taking up a lot of wall space. Towel racks made from wrought iron are both sturdy and beautiful, lasting for generations. Design patterns allow for extra storage of bathroom linens when necessary while casting a look of timeless splendor. Each one is hand-crafted by skilled blacksmiths who utilize hand-forging methods that have been popular for centuries. There are a variety of finishes and colors to choose from or you may customize an authentic work of art, sure to match any homeowner's decor.

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Advantages to Wrought Iron Towel Racks

Wrought iron towel racks have many advantages to a homeowner. They are both versatile and sturdy enough to handle the needs of any size bathroom. Individuals who like to change the looks of their rooms quite often will enjoy being able to move a towel rack from place to place. A stationary rod on a wall requires filling in the holes once it is taken down and moved. Having to repaint a bathroom wall just to redecorate may not be a good option to most interior designers. Also, some older homes simply have paneling or wall board which is not that sturdy. Constant towel usage in a master bathroom may cause damage. Some homeowners like to utilize wallpaper which normally does not hold up well to dampness. Hanging wet towels on a rod that allows them to touch the wallpaper will soon ruin the look of hard work that has put into such beautiful decorating.

Wrought Iron Towel Rack Designs

When loved ones pass on, families usually look for items that hold special memories to keep as heirlooms. Wrought iron stands out in any decor, demonstrating strength and longevity. Knick knacks, towels and other items displayed on a standing shelf at your grandmother's home will bring back loving thoughts when that same stand is utilized in modern decor. Wrought iron is virtually maintenance free and will last for years. The durability allows one to eliminate the concern for exhibiting heavy objects. From rolling scroll designs to a more traditional look, wrought iron will accent any bathroom with style. Continue the tradition by passing this elegant standing shelf on to future generations.

Functionality and Beauty of Wrought Iron Towel Racks

Wrought iron towel racks provide ample storage for other bath linens aside from just hanging bath towels. A selection of design patterns can be customized to fit any homeowner's needs in various sized bathrooms. Each wrought iron towel rack comes with self levelers that are often important in older farm and estate homes. Often the foundation has shifted causing slight tilts in the flooring. Constant usage and movement of any furniture will often harm a home's flooring. The designers of wrought iron towel racks understand the need to keep hardwood, vinyl and tile floors looking their best by providing scratch-proof pads.