Wrought Iron Towel Rings | Style & Quality You Deserve

Your home, your story. How you bring it together is up to you. Bring your bathroom together with quality artisan crafted hand-forged towel rings. Your timeless black towel rings are now available in more than 30+ styles and several unique iron finishes to fit your unique space perfectly. Find your complementing bathroom towel ring below, or shop more matching iron bathroom hardware here.

Complete your bathroom with an iron towel ring -

When decorating a bathroom or powder room, towel rings are sometimes often an afterthought, while the most time and consideration is spent choosing the perfect hand towels to match your bathroom decor, or individual taste. We suggest giving equal attention to both, we make it easy with a large selection of tasteful wrought iron towel ring designs that add both a decorative accent and functional element to your bathroom. There are several styles to choose from such as a traditional, contemporary or the more modern patterns in classic and unexpected finishes.

Bathroom Decor -

Wrought iron towel rings look great in any bathroom and accent a home's decor perfectly. Utilize this beautiful work of art in a guest or half bath to hold hand towels and wash cloths. Since there is no need for full sized bath towels, small ones can hang stylishly from a ring instead of a long bar. Conserving space in a small bathroom is essential while still maintaining necessary items required for a guest's usage. Stagger wrought iron towel rings to spruce up a bare wall and add flair with colorful hand towels. Larger bathrooms will benefit by having a place to hang washcloths close to a vanity. They also look great next to a walk-in shower or existing towel bar. Match the color and texture to any style within a home perfectly.

Matching Bathroom Hardware -

Yes, you can complete your wrought iron bathroom here. These are the most common pieces ordered with our towel rings:

Textures and Colors -

Iron towel rings come in a variety of textures and colors. Natural black has been a tradition for decades, a rust finish gives an all over antique look and goes well with many darker wood accents. Many historic, remodeled homes choose this texture because its a history. Aged bronze displays a shiny brilliance that attracts the eye of even the most critical guest. It tends to brighten a room and often found with more modern decor. When decorating a man's bathroom, aged pewter is usually a popular finish, displaying class without the feminine touches. Wrought iron is versatile and sturdy enough to withstand years of use.