Wrought Iron Wall Coat Racks and Coat Hooks

Wall Mounted Coat Racks made from decorative iron not only add to the decor of your entrance or hallway, they also help save space and neatly store bulky coats, hats and other items. We have a wide variety of wall mounted coat racks and hooks, from a single, practical hook to a functional piece of wall art. Whatever your style or space we have a design for you. Helpful iron coat rack information.

Iron Coat Rack and Coat Hook Resource Center

Simple History of the Wall Coat Rack

While it is not clear who actually invented this useful tool, it has certainly been around for a long time. The clothes hanger, however, is thought to have been invented by the famous American President Thomas Jefferson. The wall coat rack, however, is much older in its existence.

Iron Coat Bars:

Due to its highly adaptable nature and vast design and finish options, wrought iron makes extraordinarily beautiful pieces of furniture. Wrought Iron wall coat bars are no exception, and come in a vast variety of designs, sizes and finish.

Iron Coat Rack Design Options:

Depending on your mood and requirement you can opt for simple, sturdy wall hooks that keep oversized coats out of your way, or you can add a touch of design to functionality and opt for beautifully ornate or whimsical designs to complement your home's decor.

The rustic finish and elaborate designs work well to make a style statement. You can even choose a custom made wrought iron wall coat rack to match existing wrought iron pieces in your home or have your own style hand forged to perfection. If you are buying a wrought iron wall coat stand for commercial use, you may consider getting your company name or logo forged into the design.

Why should I use an Iron Coat Rack?

The answer is simple: Wrought Iron wall coat racks fit every home's requirements and offer the best possible solution when it comes to clothes storage.

Cost Effectiveness:

Wrought Iron is a durable, yet inexpensive option when considering clothes storage options. To store an equal number of coats in a regular cupboard, you would end up spending a lot more in getting a fixed or movable cupboard or Armoire. Wrought Iron Wall coat racks start as low as $10-$15! If you opt for a personalized design like one with your company"s name on it, you can get this done in as little as $100. Even if you choose a decorative, fancy Wrought Iron wall coat rack, it will cost only a small fraction of what an entire clothes cabinet will cost.


This is another big advantage of choosing Wrought Iron Wall Coat Racks. The material is strong and sturdy as well as stylish. You don't have to worry about it much, and it requires little or no care at all in terms of maintenance.

Portability And Ease of Installation:

Wrought Iron Wall Coat Racks are small in size and lightweight. They can be easily moved from one place to another without any hassle. Wall coat racks provide great functionality and ease of access to your clothing. They can be easily taken off and carried to the next home, or apartment. The ease with which you can install these wall coat racks also adds to their appeal. In less than five minutes, you can have your wall rack up and functional, without requiring an expert. (if you every have questions or need assistance please call us, or your closest reputable contractor for help)

Space Saving:

This is the ultimate beauty of a wall coat rack. They take no floor space at all! All you need is some free wall space and you can mount your wall rack. This feature makes them perfect for small houses and studio apartments. By opting for a wall coat rack rather than a traditional Armoire or a coat stand, you free up a lot of precious space in your entrance area, giving your home an open, relaxing feel.

Clutter-Free Home And Life:

The ease of access and the simplicity of use that comes with a wall coat rack encourages all family members to use it. If you tell your teenage son to take his coat and hang it upstairs in the cupboard, you will probably find it sprawled on the living room sofa, but if he has to simply take it off and hang it on the hook right inside the entranceway, he will do it. The simplicity and great practicality that comes with a beautiful, hand forged Wrought Iron wall coat rack is unmatched. It helps neatly stack away clothing clutter and you actually have spare time on your hands to relax and spend at your leisure.
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