Wrought Iron Holiday Decor

No matter whether you use as holiday decoration or a gift, our wrought iron holiday decor is sure to bring joy year after year. Imagine having decorations that you can pass from generation to generation. Start your new holiday traditions this year and give your home the unique and warm look you're looking for this holiday season.

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The holidays bring a festive atmosphere to the home. Families eagerly decorate tables, doors, windows and walls in every room. Wrought iron holiday decor brings the season to life with the excitement of hand-crafted specialty pieces. Start a new tradition of giving these timeless works of art as gifts to relatives or handing down decorations to future generations. Wrought iron's durability and strength lasts year after year. There are several decorative pieces to choose from:

  • Mitten and Boot Dryer Stands
  • Snow Gauges
  • Stocking Holders
  • Wreath Hangers

Once guests and family see the display of wrought iron decorations throughout a home, the feelings of comfort and togetherness will radiate. Each piece of original decor comes in a variety of patterns and designs.

Holiday Decor Category Details -

Wrought Iron Mitten and Boot Dryer Stands
Winter time means great fun for children and adults alike. After frolicking in the snow, wet mittens and soggy boots come trickling back inside the home. A wrought iron dryer stand is the perfect place for hanging gloves and boots until they are completely dry. Each beautiful hand-crafted piece is durable enough to withstand the weight of wet clothes and shoes. Wrought iron is ideal for this use due to its sturdy construction and moisture resistance. Shop Wrought Iron Mitten and Boot Dryer Stands.



Wrought Iron Snow Gauges
Have you ever tried to get an accurate reading of snow depth with a household ruler? More than likely you used an old ruler and the results were inaccurate. Wrought iron snow gauges offer a creative way of getting precise measurements. Children will enjoy watching the snow accumulate during a wintry day while adults have a conversation starter with guests. These snow gauges are beautiful and intricate, coming in a variety of sizes. Shop Wrought Iron Snow Gauges


Wrought Iron Stocking Holders
What is more inviting during the holidays than seeing stockings hung by the fireplace? Children look forward to the many gifts that will overflow from each one. This holiday decorating tradition has been around for hundreds of years and is sure to continue. Wrought iron stocking holders make the perfect accessory for reflecting the holiday theme in every room. A variety of patterns and designs are available to match any homeowner's style. Wrought iron stocking holders are extremely durable and can handle up to 15 pounds. Shop Wrought Iron Stocking Hangers


Wrought Iron Wreath Hangers
An entrance way adorned with a decorative wreath is always a welcoming sight during the holidays. Wrought iron wreath hangers are designed to make the hanging process easy - they are mounted on the door without any hardware and slide on and off with ease. The intricately patterned hook hangs over the entry allowing the wreath to lie flat against the door. When the holidays are over, these wrought iron hangers can be utilized to hang hats, jackets or towels. They are versatile enough to move from outdoors to the interior of any home without losing their luster. Shop Wrought Iron Wreath Hangers