Firewood Carriers and Carts

Getting your logs from the outdoor pile to the indoor fireplace has never been easier than with our firewood carrier and firewood cart ranges. Our wrought iron fireplace wood carriers fit stacks of logs and prevent carpets and flooring from accumulating dirt. Enjoy handheld wood carriers that suspend nicely on wrought iron frames or choose a wheeled option to spare your back from heavy lifting. Styles and materials vary.

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Handheld Wood Carrier vs. Wheeled Cart

There are two main options when it comes to wrought iron fireplace wood carriers. The first is the handheld wood carrier option, where a layer of fabric (typically canvas, leather or suede) can be gripped by handles and walked to and from the log pile. The advantages of this carrier at that it's easy to use and looks beautiful when suspended from a black wrought iron frame in your living area. The pleasant appearance means it can rest beside your fireplace and blend well with your elegant decor. However, handheld wood carriers are limited by the amount of wood you can carry without hurting your back or having logs drop out onto your floor. That's why some homeowners choose the wheeled cart – it can hold more logs and is easy to maneuver around the house or property. If you choose a wheeled version, make sure you have a large corner space or closet to put the cart after use, as its focus is function and typically not decor.

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