Outdoor Iron Fire Bowls & Fire Pits

Looking for the perfect outdoor centerpiece? These decorative and functional outdoor fire bowls are hand-crafted from heavy gauge materials by artisans right here here in America. Family and friends will appreciate the fine craftsmanship as they gather round these sculptural fire pits to enjoy the warmth and glow of a campfire. To learn more click here.

Iron Fire Bowl Information Center

Fires have been the center of outdoor gatherings since people first discovered its uses several hundred years ago. Back then fire was a survival tool, today we mostly use it for pure enjoyment.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Fire Bowls

Q: Can I use an iron fire bowl on a wood deck?
A: Timeless Wrought Iron does not recommend using fire bowls on wood decks because of the risk of fire. If you do place this on your wood deck it is recommended you put a non flammable base down to reduce heat transfer and protect against sparks. The larger your fire and the longer it burns the more heat will be transferred to your wood deck. This heat can cause discoloration to the wood and finishes; in the most extreme cases it could start a fire. You should also check with your city/town to see if there are any ordinances that may prohibit open flame fires on wood decks. In general use common sense when having a fire, if you have to ask yourself, "should I be doing this?" your probably shouldn't be doing it.

Q: How do you secure the Fire Bowl to the ground, or surface?
A: Homeowners - Typically you dont have to secure our fire bowls to the ground because the weight alone from the thick iron is going to keep them in place. Unless your platform is not stable or you have regular tornado like winds this fire bowl is not going to move on you. If you want to secure it some custom fabrication may be necessary.

A: Contractors - You will want to consider where this fire bowl is going; certain applications like mounting them on tall pillars, or in commercial places may require them to be secured. Check with your local city/town ordinances for any details regarding commercial applications. If you must secure it some custom fabrication may be necessary.

Q: What Can I burn in the Fire Bowl? A: Wood is the most common but you can plum these fire bowls to burn natural gas or LP.

Q: Can These Iron Fire Bowls be plumbed to burn natural gas, or LP?
A: Yes, We have burner kits available here. Please refer to our burning kit installation guide for help.

Q: Does water collect inside the fire bowl if it rains? A: Rain water should not collect in your fire bowl because they have drain hols drilled in the center to allow water to run out. To ensure proper drainage keep the drain hole clean, or put a cover on your fire bowl to prevent any water from entering.

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Fire Bowl Uses and Ideas

Your patio living area is a great place to sit back and enjoy the beautiful weather with the company of family and friends. One of the most popular activities outdoors in this area is sitting around the campfire enjoying the warmth and glow of a fire. Most of the time your fire pit is at the center of your seating area so everyone can gather round but there are other uses for these
  • By the pool
  • On a pedestal
  • On the stone patio
  • On the beach
These were just a few ideas we had from customers like you who purchased our artisan crafted fire bowls, where you use yours is up to you but remember to be safe with them. Send us pictures of how your enjoying a campfire with your new fire bowl from Timeless Wrought Iron!

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Features and Benefits of a Fire Bowl?

  • Strength - Our fire bowls are strong and built to last decades outside. Made from thick solid carbon steel these fire bowls will not rust or burn out in a year like those cheap store bought ones.
  • Warmth - Because these fire pits are so thick and heavy when they warm up they radiate warm heat all the way around.
  • Style - You have a lot of hard work, time and money stuck into your living area compliment it with something stylish not cheap.

Hope you found this information helpful, if you still have questions or need help please check out our "Iron Fire Bowl Buyers Guide" by clicking here. You can also contact us by phone (800) 957-1178, or email cs@timelesswroughtiron.com