Wrought Iron Curtain Wand

Why Utilize Wrought Iron Curtain Wands?

Wrought iron curtain wands are functional and decorative drapery accessories. The purpose is to pull a curtain along a rod by its hardware instead of the material itself. Wear and tear is reduced drastically when opening or shutting draperies. Many windows are quite high with the popularity of cathedral ceilings. When trying to open a set of curtains by hand, it often results in the material catching on a rod or the drapery being spaced unevenly. Wrought iron curtain wands simply slide the material back and forth on the drapery rod. Many have hooks, finials or rings that attach to the curtain and are easily tucked behind the curtain. Simple wrought iron wands can be stored away when not in use.

How Curtain Wands Are Made?

Wrought iron curtain wands are not mass produced. They are the work of skilled blacksmiths utilizing the age old method of hand-forging. Heating the metal provides a template for manipulating wrought iron with a hammer and anvil into intricate design patterns. To obtain quality, each piece is crafted individually with authentic touches that display the craftsman's expertise. No two wrought iron curtain wands will ever be identical. The durability and strength of the metal is maintained to provide a functional piece of decor that will last a lifetime. Once constructed, the blacksmith completes the product with a powder coated black matte finish that is virtually maintenance free. The labor within such an intensive craft has been appreciated for centuries, still seen today in older homes and plantations. Wrought iron craftsmanship is sure to become a conversation piece within any home.