Wrought Iron Christmas Stocking Hangers

Is there anything more inviting during the holidays than seeing stockings hung by the fireplace? They add warmth and excitement as the kids eagerly await there fill. Stocking hangers have been part of the timeless holiday decorating tradition for hundreds of years and are sure to continue. Wrought iron stocking holders make the perfect mantle accessory during the holidays. A variety of patterns and designs are available according to the homeowner's style. They are durable and able to handle up to 15 pounds.

Where Did the Tradition of Hanging Stockings Originate?

There are many theories as to how the tradition of hanging stockings originated. One of the most popular includes a wealthy nobleman, his wife and three daughters. The wife contracts a disease that leads to her untimely death. Devastated, the nobleman squanders away all his money and the family moves to a peasant's cottage. As the daughters grew, the nobleman realized there was nothing to offer for a dowry when it came time for their marriages. St. Nicholas is passing through the peasant village one day and he hears of the nobleman's demise. That evening he snuck into the family's cottage and placed a bag of gold coins in three of the girls' stockings that were hanging by the fireplace to dry. St. Nicholas knew the nobleman would be too proud to accept the gift any other way. This ultimately resulted in the girls getting married with a handsome dowry.

Make Your Own Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings come in all sizes and design patterns. There is no rule that stockings have to be red with white trim. In fact, most homeowners like to accent the home's theme with matching Christmas decorations. To achieve a personalized touch, make one out of everyday items. A fun country look is obtained by finding old scraps of material or rags. Sewing them together in a patchwork design brings an antique look to a mantel. An old pillow case can be cut to the shape of a stocking with a piece of lace curtain sewn to the outside. This elegant display is sure to be an eye catcher when hanging from a wrought iron holder. Feed sacks are other easy options for giving a home that rustic appeal. Decorate the sewn stocking with pine needles and small pine cones. Anything you dream up to match a stylish theme will soon become a family favorite.

Stocking Holders, Not Just for Christmas

A wrought iron stocking holder brings the warmth of Christmas into any home's decor. Elegant shapes and sizes enhance the look of a fireplace mantel during this season. Once the holidays are over, there is no need to put the hand-crafted artwork up until next year. The fireplace remains a focal point in any living area and can be handsomely decorated during the warmer months. Utilize the stocking holder to hang a colorful summer wreath from the mantel. Accent it with other wrought iron items such as candle holders and picture frames to obtain a timeless look of style.