Wrought Iron Seating - Stools, Dining Chairs, Benches and More

Wrought iron seating, intricately prepared by skilled craftsmen, is built to be sturdy, durable, and most importantly, comfortable. Seating arrangements are an important part of any home's decor, so it's important to furnish your interiors with furniture that stands the test of time. There are numerous seating options, including bar and counter stools, dining chairs and arm chairs, and benches and ottomans, allowing you to find what fits beautifully with the style of your house and the needs of your family. Seating is available for every room of your home, including the living room, den, dining area and bedroom. Iron seating is designed to last a lifetime, providing beautiful aesthetics, high function and ideal comfort for generations to come. Learn more about our iron seating below, click here.

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Wrought Iron Arm Chairs

Designed for comfort and style, wrought iron arm chairs accentuate the desire for relaxation in any room of the home. There are numerous styles to choose from, including rustic, contemporary and modern, all of which display a high level of hand-crafted metal work. There are styles to match any decor in your house and each piece is authentic, so no two are exactly alike. If you can't find what your'e looking for, you may special order wrought iron arm chairs to your exact specifications.

Wrought Iron Bar Stools

Accompany high counter tops and central island kitchens with handsome wrought iron bar stools. Bar stools improve the look of any eating area and prop up any guests who congregate around the home chef. The sturdy metal detail of iron bar stools maintains its luster for years to come and provide for an excellent conversation starter. Bar stools offer a great alternative to typical low seating; mix and match with dining chairs or side chairs for the ultimate kitchen seating combination.

Wrought Iron Benches

Wrought iron benches are versatile seating features, merging the comfort of individual seating with the fun of a shared environment. They have been popular as outdoor accents for years, but are also useful for indoor arrangements. Placing a bench in a foyer gives guests a place to sit and remove their shoes, while benches beside dining tables create social cohesion. Metal benches express a unique personal style and are designed to be

Wrought Iron Footstools

Footstools signify a moment of relaxation for any lucky individual nearby. Wrought iron footstools offer that same relaxation with an added touch of style. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans who focus on both form and style, wrought iron footstools captivate homeowners with not only their comfort, but their ability to fit nicely within almost any home decor. As footstools see a lot of usage, the wrought iron metalwork also prevents the object from wearing. Choose from various patterns and finishes to give a living room or den that comforting feeling that only a handcrafted iron footstool can offer.

Wrought Iron Ottomans

Take the casual ottoman to new heights with hand-crafted wrought iron. Talented artisans work the metal into intricate patterns, creating wrought iron ottomans that seduce residents and guests with unmatched comfort and style. Ottomans are often used as extra seating while entertaining or as places to rest tired feet after a long day. Wrought iron patterns adorn the ottoman bases to bring pleasure to the eyes as well as the body. Place a small one next to larger furniture, like a sofa or armchair, for an attractive and functional look. Choose from a number of wrought iron ottoman designs and add that extra special something to any room.

Wrought Iron Settees

Settees are a mix between a bench and an ottoman - they are long, low seats designed for multiple people. What sets iron settees apart are their impressive metal patterns and compact size. The incredible hand-crafted work of wrought iron settees are seen the moment guests enter the room; they elevate the style of any space while acting as functional seating during larger events. By changing the upholstery or cushions, wrought iron settees can fit the decor of any room.

Wrought Iron Side Chairs

The most classic of all seating types, side chairs are perfect for any room and any occasion. Wrought iron side chairs, with their incredible hand-crafted metalwork, bring an extra dose of warmth and character into the home. Side chairs are ideal for dining rooms with wood or wrought iron dining tables and go beautifully with office desks, den tables, and living room tables. With styles ranging from Old World to contemporary, wrought iron side chairs can align with any home decor style and still stand out on their own.

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