Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Wrought iron wall decor offers you a simple way to enhance your homes decor, fill the void on your white walls and make your room feel more complete. Each piece is individually hand-crafted by skilled blacksmiths so that no two pieces look exactly alike. All iron wall decor is easy to install and ships with all the necessary hardware for mounting on virtually any surface. Choose from intricate designs or scenic beauty inspired by nature.

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Uses & Ideas -
Wrought iron wall decor looks good in any home of office. Here are a few ideas to help you choose the perfect decoration and find the right place to hang it:
  • Wrought iron wall decor can greatly improve the look of any white-walled room. The black on white effect is always in fashion. To really liven up a room, paint an accent wall on one side of the room and hang your wrought iron wall decor on the accent wall. The combination will brighten up the room and visitors will immediately be drawn to the attractive use of space.
  • Hang wrought iron wall art in rooms or spaces without windows. The rectangle and half round shapes with airy spaces give the feeling of windows in the room.
  • Place wrought iron wall decor on garden sheds or porches and then put climbing plants on or near the decor. The plants will latch on to the iron features and use them as support to grow. When wrought iron is fully wrapped in nature's bounty, the look is extremely warm and inviting.