Wrought Iron Bathroom Vanity Bases For Bath Sinks

Make a statement with a unique wrought iron bathroom vanity bases made of stylish wrought iron. We proudly offer several sizes, styles and custom finish options in our wrought iron bathroom vanity collection to fit your space. Each wrought iron bathroom vanity is hand-made by skilled fabricators and craftsmen right here in the USA. If you need a free standing or wall mounted vanity base we have them both with front legs or wall support brackets. There are half round (barrel), square, and rectangle vanities and all of them accept several sink styles including Under Mount Sinks, Console Sinks, Vessel Sinks and Drop in Sinks. Click here for additional helpful information on vanity bases.

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What Kind of Sink Styles Can Be Used?

You can use any of the following sink styles on the iron vanity bases listed above.
  • Under Mount Sinks
  • Console Sinks
  • Vessel Sinks
  • Drop in Sinks

What Size Sink Can I Use With a Vanity Base?

You are able to use a wide variety of sink sizes with our iron vanity bases. There are no standard bathroom sink sizes and the final choice is up to you, some are just large enough to wash your hands while others can cover the entire width of a sink vanity base. To narrow down your options, first measure how much counter space you want (if any) and the remaining space will determine your sink size.

Here we put together a list of the most common sink sizes that fit based on vanity size.

25.5 Wide x 21.5 Front to Back, Square Vanity Base
-Fits Under Mount and Drop In Sink Sizes: 19-in to 24-in wide and 16-in to 20.5-in front to back
-Fits Vessel Sink Sizes: 19-in to 25.5-in wide and 16-in to 21-in front to back

35.5 Wide x 21.5 Front to Back, Rectangle Vanity Base
-Fits Under Mount and Drop In Sink Sizes: 19-in to 34-in wide and 16-in to 20.5-in front to back
-Fits Vessel Sink Sizes: 19-in to 35.5-in wide and 16-in to 21-in front to back

47.5 Wide x 21.5 Front to Back, Rectangle Vanity Base
-Fits Under Mount and Drop In Sink Sizes: 19-in to 46-in wide and 16-in to 20.5-in front to back -Fits Vessel Sink Sizes: 19-in to 47.5-in wide and 16-in to 21-in front to back

25.5 Wide x 21.5 Front to Back, Rectangle Vanity Base
-Fits Under Mount and Drop In Sink Sizes: 16-in to 22-in wide and 16-in to 18-in front to back
-Fits Vessel Sink Sizes: 16-in to 22-in wide and 16-in to 18-in front to back

35.5 Wide x 21.5 Front to Back, Rectangle Vanity Base
-Fits Under Mount and Drop In Sink Sizes: 19-in to 30-in wide and 16-in to 18-in front to back
-Fits Vessel Sink Sizes: 19-in to 32-in wide and 16-in to 18-in front to back

Sink depth varies by style from 2.5-in. to 8-in. but in general our vanity bases will work with any sink depth. If you purchase a vessel sink (the ones which sit atop your counter), then make sure to consider the final height of your vanity

Note: Every vanity product page has a detailed specification sheet that gives you precise measurements so you can make an informed decision. Simply click on the product for more details. Provide this info to your counter top supplier so the company can cut the counter to fit perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: Do you stock the vanities you offer?
A: Yes, we typically keep a stock of iron vanities (most without finish), this allows us to readily finish each before they are shipped. For availability please call or email.

Q: Do you have standard ship times for vanities?
A: Typically each vanity is made-to-order due to the wide variety of finish options we offer. Please expect up to 2 weeks before your vanity is shipped. If you are concerned about the arrival date of your vanity, please call or email for more exact shipping details.

Q: How do you ship vanity products?
A: Most vanities are shipped via freight. Some small vanities may ship UPS. The majority of single order vanity sizes arrive boxed without pallet. When shipping two or more vanities to same address, they may arrive on a pallet for easier handling.

Q: What materials are used to make your vanities?
A: Each vanity is made of quality steel or hand-forged iron. A laser cut out of either 1/8" or 1/4" plate is used for most vanities. However, when sheet metal is chosen, 20 gauge material used. Some vanity designs are hand forged from solid square bar; this gives the piece a heavy, substantial feel. For more detailed information for each vanity, please refer to the description on its respective product page.

Q: Are custom designs offered?
A: Because we are committed to offering our vanities at the very best prices on the market, the majority of our pieces are stock designs. For a minimal fee, small custom changes can be made to existing stock vanity designs. Shortening of legs is a common change and typically will not include an up-charge.

We also offer custom vanity designs for customers requiring a one-of-a-kind vanity. Due to the complexity of the design and time required, prices could easily double from the normal MSRP. For all custom vanity inquiries, please call or email.

Q: I need a unique finish. Do you offer custom finishes?
A: At this time, we don't offer any custom finishes. If a custom finish is required, we recommend that you order your vanity unfinished and take it to a local custom painter in your area.

Q: Do your vanity bases come with tops or do you offer them separately?
A: At this time, we do not offer any vanity tops. As our vanities are higher-end products, our customers often like to choose their own counter tops. We recommend finding a local counter top fabricator in your area. Our vanities work with all common counter top materials such as natural stone, granite, quartz, quartzite, marble, wood, glass and metal.

Q: Do you offer shelves to match any of your vanity designs?
A: Currently, shelves are not a standard stock product, but yes, for a fee we can create custom shelves on vanities with front legs. The shelves are welded to the front legs, and screw to the wall on the back. Please call or email for all shelving quotes.

Q: Do you offer back legs for vanities?
A: Yes we do offer back legs, however, they are not a standard offering and require an upcharge fee as they are considered a custom order. All custom order terms apply. Please call or email for a quote on back legs for any of our vanity designs.

Iron Vanity Installation FAQ?

Q: When installing my vanity, do I need to hit wall studs?
A: While studs give added stability, we found that it is not imperative to hit studs. Even without studs, the vanity will be sufficiently stable. If you do not secure to studs, toggle bolts must be used on all screw holes in order to secure the vanity to the wall. When purchasing vanities that do not come with legs, securing to wall studs with the top screw holes is highly recommended.

Q: What is the best way to install a counter top to the vanity base?
A: We recommend simply using a little liquid nail or silicon product between the top strap and the counter. As well, we recommend bonding the back-splash to the wall and to the counter. If using a counter top fabricator, they will know how to accomplish this.

Q: If I order a vanity without sheet-metal backing, how much of the underside of the sink will show?
A: This depends on the type of sink chosen, however, most sinks are decorative underneath and any exposed underside will add to the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. When ordering an under-mount sink with a less attractive underside, you'll definitely want to choose the sheet-metal backing at the time you order your vanity. When ordering a top mounted sink bowl that sits on the vanity counter top, sheet-metal isn't necessary.

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