Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

Tired of the cheap curtain rods found in box stores? Our decorative iron curtain rods are build with high strength materials allowing them to span greater distances and hold heavier window treatments without bowing. These 1/2-inch diameter curtain rods are available in several telescoping sizes including: 21" to 35"; 36" to 60"; 61" to 112" and 113" to 130". A powder coated flat black finish ensures your curtain rods will look great for many years. We have several different styles for you to choose from so there is something for everyone. Click on a curtain rod below for details and options.

Helpful Iron Curtain Rod Information

  • Highest Quality Iron Rods Available
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Many Telescoping Curtain Rod Size Available

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. Older homes will often have windows with several different profiles at varying heights. Wrought iron curtain rods add that special accent to any decor. To get accurate measurements, all windows need to be planned separately. Although they make look identical, this is often deceiving. Decorative rods require enough space to clear corners, closet doors or furniture. Wrought iron curtain rods are durable and hand-forged by skilled craftsmen. Add timeless beauty to any room with an authentic work of art.

Problems to Avoid When Hanging Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

When purchasing wrought iron curtain rods, all hardware necessary is included for your convenience. There are several problems that can occur when dressing up any window in a home. Make sure each individual curtain rod is ordered according to the specific size of a room's window frame. Often homeowners find out there are no two identical measurements even within the same area. Check for wall heaters and outlets. Make sure the wrought iron curtain rod is high enough for draperies to avoid fire dangers. Windows set close to doors and closets may require a shorter rod to evade interference when entering or leaving a room. Also, take into account the size of any finials you may have chosen. If there is limited space, a round finial may work perfectly and the beauty will not be hidden when a door is opened.

Options with Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

Windows do not come in one size fits all. Different shapes and heights become a designer's dream. Accenting a home with wrought iron curtain rods add style and elegance to any room. There are a number of sizes and patterns to fit all your needs. If a larger rod is needed, one can be customized to the size required. Each wrought iron curtain rod is available in several adjustable sizes ranging from 21" to 130". Should a window require a longer rod, you will want to include a center curtain support bracket. Finial options vary according to the pattern you desire from a rustic theme to a more traditional décor. Finish off the look of elegance with finials in your desired patterns and continue the accented décor of all windows.

Why Wrought Iron Curtain Rods?

The ageless beauty of wrought iron is not limited to the outdoors. Bring that splendor inside as an accent to any window. The authentic hand-forged metal is a conversation piece that will last for generations. Wrought iron curtain rods are functional and durable, able to withstand even the heaviest draperies. Nothing is more noticeable than a drooping window dressing. With wrought iron curtain rods, the only thing being noticed will be the elegance of a room's decor. Skilled blacksmiths use the same tools as their forefathers to produce intricate works of art. Each curtain rod is authentic and made to last a lifetime. Spruce up any room within your home by accenting a dull looking pair of curtains with taste and style.