Wrought Iron Curtain Tiebacks

Once you've found the drapes, curtain rods and finials that fit your home and decorating style you can consider finishing your look with decorative Wrought Iron Tiebacks. Available in a variety of decorative styles to match any existing decor. Matching mounting hardware (screws) are included with every purchase. These can be used to hold back a set of curtains neatly framing the window while giving you a full view of the outdoors. Properly mounted, our tiebacks will handle the weight of heavy insulated draperies.

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What are the Advantages of Wrought Iron Tiebacks?

The luster and beauty of wrought iron goes deeper than just the finish. Its durability and strength is unmatched by most metals. Homeowners do not have to worry about the weight of their draperies or window dressing when utilizing wrought iron tiebacks. A variety of colors and patterns give any room a unique sense of style and splendor. Your curtains will be held by an authentic work of art produced by skilled craftsmen. Wrought iron requires very little maintenance with cleanings consisting of simple soap and water. Harsh chemicals should not be used or the spectacular finish may become tarnished. Tiebacks made of wrought iron soon become a family tradition that can be passed on for generations.

Where Does Wrought Iron Come From?

Wrought iron is a metal much different from steel or cast iron. It contains slag or iron silicate, a fibrous incorporation that allows chemical changes resulting in a beautiful and durable finish. Historians have come across wrought iron tiebacks dating back to the 18th century. Royalty utilized this metal for its castle decor because unlike cast iron, it does not become brittle. Charcoal furnaces were utilized generations ago by blacksmiths to hand-forge this magnificent metal. Once the wrought iron was heated, it would then be bent into intricate design patterns with hammers. Similar methods are still be used today to create authentic hand-crafted home decor. Each set of wrought iron tiebacks will be an original art form produced with a tasteful appeal sought after by many homeowners.

Tips for Matching Wrought Iron Tiebacks to a Homeowners Style

Many individuals feel they do not have what it takes to make their home a beautiful conversation piece without hiring a professional decorator. The truth is, just look around at your recurring theme and the inspiration will come. Most new homes stick with traditional furnishings and accents, but tend to lean towards a specific display. If a family spends a lot of time outdoors, there may be remnants of Mother Nature already lying around. Spruce this up with a more rustic design pattern such as wrought iron leaf or pine curtain tiebacks. Older Victorian style dwellings may want to add an elegant scroll pattern to their accents. The timeless beauty of a rolling wrought iron pattern will accentuate a window dressing with flair. Straight forward decor will look wondrous with simple, plain black matte tiebacks. The metal itself brings forth a luster that will last a lifetime.