Wrought Iron Towel Bars | Unique, Stylish, Timeless

Furnish your bathroom with timeless hand-forged iron towel bars. Available in a variety of sizes including 16, 18, 24, and 32 inch widths, and 30+ styles that vary from rustic to modern. Our timeless black iron towel bars are also available in several hand applied iron finishes that allow you to further customize them to fit your decor style. Mounting hardware is included so you can updated your bathroom the day your new towel bars arrive. Waiting is the hardest part. To learn more about our iron bathroom towel bars, including hanging suggestions please click here.

Here is some helpful information just for you -

How do I install an my iron towel bar?

When hanging your new towel bar in the bathroom its important to pick the right spot and correctly install it. Hanging a towel bar is a simple process that just takes a few steps to insure this beautiful piece is a functional eye catcher instead of an eyesore.

Tool List
  • Stud Finder
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Burble Level; or Laser Level
  • Drill
  • Drill Bits
  • Screw Driver
  • An extra set of hands is also nice

Now lets get started -

Location: Within an arms reach from the shower, tub or sink. Height; Towel bars should always be low enough to reach easily but high enough so your towels don't hit the floor or counter when folded in half. Note: Never hang a towel bar over electrical outlets or light switches, wet towels and electric outlets dont mix, plus it will be hidden when you need to use it.

After you found your location use a pence to mark your heights and general location. To do this:
  1. Measure from the floor, or closest level surfaces up to where you want the towel bar to to be (example 42") and make a small horizontal mark. then move over about 16 inches or as wide as your towel bar and measure from the floor, again making another mark at the same height.
  2. Now taking your stud finder locate a stud in the general area of your first marks, you may have to move over a few inches in either direction to find one. Find the studs and lightly mark them with vertical lines (a 1 inch line is good) It's ideal to screw your towel bar into a wall stud but this is not always possible. Special Note: If you are not able to get both screws into wall studs, getting at least one side works well and you will have to use a heavy duty drywall anchor on the other side. Sometimes in order to center the towel bar you my have to use heavy-duty drywall anchors on both sides, because the studs don't line themselves up with the space in between.
  3. Once the studs are marked take your level or square and put that on your first set of horizontal lines. Find where your vertical lines marking the wall studs and your square meet and create an intersecting line there by tracing the pencil along the level or square. erase or wash off the first marks you made since you no longer need them
  4. Taking your new towel bar, hold the pre-drilled holes in it up to your marks. Center at least one hole on the mark that is over a wall stud. Using your level raise the other side of your towel bar until its perfectly level and mark the second hold with your pencil on the wall. Erase the mark you no longer need unless it is exactly on center with the second hole.
  5. You should have two perfectly level marks where your towel bar will be screwed into the wall now. Please determine if your second mark is on a wall stud before proceeding to screw the towel bar to your bathroom wall. If it is not you will have to use a drywall toggle bolt to ensure your towel bar is properly supported. Never screw a towel bar into drywall alone.
  6. Once you know what your mounting too its time to hold up your towel bar and secure it to the wall by turning in the screws. After you tighten up your screws your done, all it needs is a towel or two now. Nice work!
For more specific installation details on various applications please click here.

What Size Towel Bar should I get?

Before you purchase a new towel bar for your bathroom measure the space you have to work with, how much width you have is going to tell you how wide/long of a towel bar you can use. Most of our towel bars are available in 16", 18", 24", and 32inch lengths. It is very important to note that those are towel area lengths. Decorative towel bars may have finials on the end that make a 16 inch towel bar a full 18" wide with the decorative finials. All measurements are listed on the towel bar product pages. Please remember to leave a little wiggle room for adjustments.

Is there any maintenance with an Iron Towel bar?

Nothing out of the ordinary, regularly dusting it off or cleaning it with a soft damp cloth is really all you have to do. If you somehow manage to chip the iron finish and expose the metal you can touch it up with some paint. Wrought iron requires very little maintenance and that is what makes this metal popular among interior designers.

Do you have matching bathroom hardware to go with these towel bars?

Yes, Almost all of our towel bars have matching bathroom hardware available in the same collection style including Bathroom Towel Rings, and Toilet Tissue Holders.

What style towel bars do you have?

We have several different style towel bars from modern to rustic with or without decorative silhouettes or finials. Click here to view our wrought iron bathroom towel bar style guide.

For far more helpful information on iron towel bars please click here to visit our "Wrought Iron Towel Bar Buyers Guide"