Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens

In addition to being beautifully decorative, the wrought iron fireplace screen provides safety and security by preventing stray sparks and ashes from escaping your fireplace. Iron fireplace screens allow you to fully enjoy the heat, light, and sounds of a natural fire without worrying about the risk of stray sparks and ashes. Many sizes and styles are available.

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History of Fireplace Screens

Early history describes indoor heating coming from an open pit in the center of the floor where families gathered around to keep warm and cook. In the 1700s, Count Rumford designed the above ground firebox for indoor use. It provided the fire more airflow and reflected greater heat out of the front. Fireplace screens were invented to help regulate how much heat was coming from the fire and prevent sparks from igniting the floor. When the firebox was not being utilized, the screen helped hide the grate and manage drafts from the chimney. The earliest fireplace screens were made from wicker, wood, leather and paper mache. All materials were attached to two end frames, holding them securely. As years passed, families started decorating the screens as part of a home's decor.

Why Choose Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens

Accenting a fireplace is a home interior decorator's dream. There are so many styles and themes that arise from this amazing focal point that creativity flows naturally. Due to the fireplace screen's prominence, it's one of the most sought after design pieces. As an object that is designed for both function and beauty, choosing hand-forged wrought iron as the material makes perfect sense. Families want decor that is durable and will last for years. Throwaway accents are a thing of the past and individuals are willing to pay more for long-lasting items. Wrought iron has stood the test of time and is still found today in older Victorian homes and plantations. Hand-crafted by skilled blacksmiths, this metal holds its natural luster with very little maintenance. A wrought iron fireplace screen can endure daily usage and still last for generations.

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