Wrought Iron Wall Mirrors and Table Top Mirrors

Besides being a grooming necessity in bathrooms and powder rooms, mirrors with decorative wrought iron frames also make functional accent pieces in many other rooms including dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. Mirrors can be put at the end of a short room to make it feel longer and larger, or put on a wall to help spread light. Wall mounted mirrors are the most common but we also have a wide variety of table top mirrors perfect for use on the vanity. We have a several mirror styles, sizes and custom frame finish options so you can find the just the right mirror for your room. Learn more about our iron mirrors here.

Additional Information about Iron Mirrors

Mirrors come in many shapes and sizes but the most common are your round, oval, square and rectangle. You have a nice mix of these most common shapes and sizes to shop form but all of them feature a decorative hand-crafted frame made of either iron or copper. These decorative frames wrap around your mirrored glass to give it more character and versatility than your typical plain glass mirror. There are a couple different kinds of mirrors available at Timeless Wrought Iron:

What Types of Iron Mirrors Are Available?

Table Top Mirrors: These mirrors are typically used on your vanity or desk.

Wall Mirrors: Pretty self explanatory but these are usually hung on your wall. Rectangle mirrors can be hung vertically, or horizontally. Mounting points are installed on all mirrors buy you are responsible for the hardware used on your wall.

Floor Mirrors: Most of these iron mirrors have stands which allow them to be free standing. They work great in bedrooms, large walk-in closets and bathrooms. It has been a growing trend to simply use large wall hung mirrors as floor mirrors too, the only difference is that they are usually propped up against the wall or larger piece of furniture since they do not stand on their own. With the solid iron frames it makes it possible for our wall mirrors to be used this way because there is plenty of structural support for the glass. (Note: When using a wall mirror in this way it is always recommended to secure it in some way so that it cannot be accidentally tipped over.)

Frequently Asked Questions about our Iron Mirrors:

Q: Is the mirrored glass included?
A: Yes, all of our mirrors are sold with the mirrored glass unless specified on the product page.

Q: Is the glass replaceable if it gets broken?
A: Yes, it is replaceable and all of our mirrors have a way to remove the glass.

Q: Is Mounting Hardware Included with your Wall Mirrors?
A: All wall mirrors come with the hardware on the back of the mirror for hanging but you will have to supply the actual anchors or screws that go into your wall. For more detailed wall mirror installation instructions please click here.

Q: How do I care for my mirror?
A: These mirrors can be cared for in the same way you care for your other mirrors. Iron mirror frames are extremely resilient and only require dusting or cleaning with a damp microfiber cloth. Copper mirror frames should be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth and no harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals can affect the look of a copper mirror.

If you have any other questions about please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help.

Where should I put my mirror

Take a look at the space and decor within this particular area. Larger bathrooms look great with a standing mirror that gives a full length view. Positioning one in a corner helps reflect light from all directions. A typical wall mirror is anything but plain when constructed of beautiful wrought iron. Place more than one above a large vanity to broaden the look of a wall. For small bathrooms or half-baths, utilize a table mirror. These, too, come in a variety of sizes depending on the space and need. The delicate designs of wrought iron will add class and style to any bathroom. Advantages of Wrought Iron Mirrors

A bathroom sees a lot of usage that tends to cause a grimy build-up on furniture, vanities and mirrors. Decorating with wrought iron requires very little follow-up maintenance. A simple soap and water mixture on a soft cloth will take away any dirt. Never use a harsh cleaner or the finish could become tarnished and unsightly. Another advantage is the beauty of the metal that matches perfectly with any bathroom's decor. Wrought iron is both sturdy and durable, providing years of use without losing its luster. Hand-crafted design techniques bring forth a classic heirloom that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

What is a Good Height for a Wall Mirror?

Choosing a good height for a wall mirror depends on the individual that will be utilizing it. The taller you are the higher a reflection should hang. Determine if you are going to display the mirror in one of two styles: portrait or landscape. The focal point should be directly level with your eyes, using the center of the mirror as a reference point. Always make sure the top of the head can be seen. Many people like to hang mirrors portrait style so they can see part of their wardrobe. If a wall mirror will be hanging in a guest bathroom, figure the height using an average of 62 to 64 inches from the floor to the focal point. This should accommodate the average adult while they enjoy the beauty of a wrought iron wall mirror.