Wrought Iron Table Lamps with Optional Shades

The right table lamp can completely transform the look of any interior. Wrought Iron Table Lamps add a timeless touch to any room and they provide a beautiful ambiance. We have a wide variety of styles and lampshades to fit your decor. Each table lamp is UL-Approved. Our Table Lamps can be purchased with or without a lamp shade.

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"Lamp" comes from the Greek word "Lampas", meaning torch. Lamps are so much more than just a way of illuminating a room. Table lamps work their magic in setting the tone and mood of a room; they dramatically transform the interior's ambiance and create different patterns of light and shade to highlight certain aspects of your decor. Lamps have been used as symbols of intellectuality, as important props in religious ceremonies, and they have inspired writers and artists alike.

The Origin of Table Lamps:

The origin of lamps dates back to the Stone Age, almost 72,000 years ago. The invention of lamps was directly tied to the discovery of fire. The very first lamp was in the form of a rock depression filled with animal fat in which natural fibers, like moss, were used as wicks.

Fuels And Materials Used to Make Lamps:

With the progression of time, more materials were discovered and used in lamps. These include shells, clay, iron, bronze, pewter, brass, and glass. Similarly new fuels were discovered as the centuries progressed and hence the fuel for the lamp also changed and included expensive fuels like whale oil and fish oil. Other fuels included turpentine, paraffin, alcohol, and kerosene. Finally with the discovery of electricity, the modern table lamp took form with easy operation, great functionality and no pollution.

Origin of Different Lamp Designs:

In the beginning the purpose of a lamp was to simply illuminate the surroundings but with the passage of time lamps of different shapes began to evolve. Natural objects formed the usual inspirations for lamps and pottery techniques were employed to make these designs.

When man learned to forge metal, this newfound technique was also employed to make lamps of different shapes and sizes.

Lamps in The Greek Period:

Ancient Greeks were the first to create decorative and stylish lamps. Greek lamps were made from terra-cotta and these ornamental lamps quickly replaced the simple torches that were mounted on walls or carried by hand.

Lamps in The 1700s:

The invention of wicks and a central burner took place in this era, and more sophisticated lamps were developed. The lamps of this period had the fuel enclosed safely inside them and the intensity of light could also be controlled.

By mid 18th century, glass chimneys were developed to enclose the flame for safety and a hollow wick that was safe enough to enclose in the glass chimney was also developed.

Gas Lamps in Europe:

The last decade of the 18th century saw the invention of gas lamps. Commercial gas lamps that ran on coal gas were developed in England by 1792. In early 1800's most cities of England used gas lamps as streetlights.

Lamps in The Early 1900's:

The twentieth century began with the invention of a light bulb. Thanks to Thomas Edison's invention of the incandescent light bulb, the table lamp evolved into its modern day shape, with electricity replacing the fuel and an electric bulb instead of a wick.

Modern Day Table Lamps:

Table lamps, as we know them, became common by 1930's. They were an essential part of every household, providing a convenient lighting solution while adding a touch of elegance to the decor.

The History of Wrought Iron Table Lamps:

Wrought Iron furniture and accessories became popular as a result of hand forging techniques developed in the 1800's. They gained popularity due to the easy way in which wrought iron can be forged into intricate designs, and hence wrought iron lamps were a common sight in interior decor of that era.

From intricately ornate wrought iron table lamps that are reminiscent of Victorian England to bold contemporary lines that speak of modernism, the variety available suits all tastes. You can find Wrought Iron Table Lamps that are simple and sleek, or opt for floral patterns fit for a lady's living room. There are simpler, more solid and masculine forms available as well. When you go for Wrought Iron Table Lamps, and you can also choose a pattern to match existing wrought iron pieces in your home.

Wrought Iron Table Lamps In Interior Decor:

The beauty of wrought iron table lamps lies in the fact that they never go out of fashion. Wrought Iron Table lamps are timeless, stately and unique. You can easily match them with any color theme of your choice by either opting for neutral toned shades or simply changing the shades to match the current color theme of the room. The look no matter how bold or how conservative, will match any interior to perfection. The rustic finish of a wrought iron table lamp adds strength to the decor of a room. The dark tones of a wrought iron lamp accentuate lighter color themes perfectly.

Buy Wrought Iron Table Lamps if you have small children and rowdy boys in the house. You won't have to worry about overturned lamps in the living room, as wrought iron table lamps are as sturdy as they are stylish.

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