Wrought Iron Toilet Paper Holders

Hardware is a great, simple way to update upgrade your bathroom. No need to choose between style or function here.

Helpful information about our iron toilet paper holders

You will find styles that range from rustic to modern, so there's a look for just about every iron hardware lover. Each toilet paper holder will accept a variety of roll sizes from small to the super soft jumbo rolls. We sell several wall mounted toilet tissue holders and a few free standing models, some of which store more than one roll. All hardware comes with the product providing easy installation by you, the homeowner. Matching bathroom hardware is available.

Choosing the right style -

Toilet paper holders come in a variety of format: horizontal, vertical or freestanding. Many home interior decorators look at the size of the bathroom to determine what holder will look best. Larger rooms often benefit from the elegant freestanding style, while smaller bathrooms often benefit from a wall unit that consists of a simple, yet beautiful arm that extends out for easy use. The tight space of half baths typically requires a toilet paper holder that rests directly against the wall. To brighten a small bathroom, utilize a light color finish. This will make the area appear larger. Anytime light can be added, whether natural or artificial, the room takes on a feel of open space. Whatever size or need, wrought iron is designed to match any homeowner's theme.

Installation -

When decorating any bathroom with wrought iron toilet paper holders, it is important to follow some easy instructions for wall units. The most important tool you may need is a stud finder. At least one of the attaching screws should be securely fastened to a 2x4 or 2x6 within the wall. If this is not possible due to location, hollow wall fasteners will be necessary. This hardware grips the wall firmly when inserted and will hold a screw securely. Simply place the toilet paper holder at the location and use a pencil to mark where the hollow wall fasteners or screws will be placed. Next utilize a level to be sure the markings line up and the holder will be straight. Wall fasteners should be put into the wall during this time. The last task is simply screwing the toilet paper holder into the wall. This entire chore should only take about 15 minutes to complete.

Product Care -

Caring for your wrought iron toilet paper holder is easy, simply wipe clean with a soft damp cloth and dry. Please do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they could ruin the iron finish.

Complimentary Bathroom Hardware -

Chances are your not just going to need a toilet paper holder for your bathroom project which is why we carry an extensive line of matching bathroom hardware including; Wall Mounted Bathroom Towel Bars, Wall Mounted Bathroom Towel Rings, Free Standing Bathroom Towel Racks and more.

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