Wrought Iron Bedside Tables

Decorative Bedside Tables with sturdy wrought iron legs and solid table tops offer plenty of style and space for books or electronic reading device, lamp, clock, glasses, or a simple piece of table top decor. Click here for additional bedroom furnishing tips and ideas.

Wrought Iron Bedside Table | How To / FAQ / Tips

Typically a bedside table is slightly shorter than a standard end table and larger than a small drink or accent table but they all serve the same purposes - both decorative and practical. Before you purchase an iron side table for next to your bed, determine your particular needs then find a style you like below and make sure the size fits your space. If you love a style but need it in a smaller size just call us, most of our made-to-order items can be customized to your exact specifications for an additional charge. Get all the details for any table by clicking its image.

What types and styles do you offer?

Our collection of exquisite beside tables includes contemporary, traditional, transitional, Mission and rustic styles to fit into your home design aesthetic. Of course, many of our iron bedside tables work beautifully in eclectic, romantic and shabby chic spaces.

What type of materials are used?

First of all, our bedside tables feature iron bases and accents, while other high quality materials are used to create their tops. Beautiful top options include:

  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Wood
  • Painted Metal
  • Glass
  • Concrete
  • Marble

What shapes and sizes are available?

You will find round, square and rectangular tables within our bedside table collection. Sizes generally range from 12" in diameter to 18" in diameter, 14" x 14" square to 24" x 24" square to 14" by 20" rectangular.

Where else can I use wrought iron bedside tables in my home?

In addition to the bedroom, bedside tables might also work well in these spaces:

  • The foyer - Bedside tables could serve as occasional tables with seating just inside the front door.
  • Living room, game room or den - Depending upon the height of your sofa, loveseat or chairs, your bedside tables might also do double duty in these living spaces.
  • Covered terrace or patio - Iron bedside tables might take on a second life beside a daybed, chaise lounge or other seating in a protected outdoor space.

How do I maintain my table?

Caring for your wrought iron bedside tables is easy. Simply wipe clean with a soft damp cloth and care for other materials such as glass or metal according to the recommended cleaning method for that particular material. (Never use harsh chemicals.) For additional information on maintenance of wrought iron, please check out our Wrought Iron Product Care and Knowledge page.

Here are a few rules of thumb for the ideal bedside table:

  • Size is flexible. Choose a table that is the right size for your particular needs. For instance, you may need a place for some or all of the following items-books, lamp, flowers, phone, water glass or bottle, eyeglasses.
  • Size may also depend upon the amount of space available beside the bed. From tiny to massive, there's no concrete rule.
  • Height of table may vary, but even with the top of the mattress seems ideal, while higher or lower may work well for you.