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Wrought iron lighting adds constant warmth and one-of-a-kind style to any room. Each lighting product is hand-forged by skilled blacksmiths to give it purpose and an artistic flair. Our wrought iron lighting selection is suitable for every homeowners taste. If you do not find what you're looking for, lighting pieces may be special ordered. You can furnish a home with a nice couch or coffee table, but you can't live in it without light. Choosing the proper lighting within a room sets the tone for your decor. Start with our collection of charming iron lights for every room.

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In order to tie decor together, several wrought iron lighting products can be utilized within the room. It is possible to have a combination of table, free-standing, and pendant lamps to keep the theme running through the space. Wrought iron lighting makes a great heirloom piece as it's durable and lasts for many years. Future generations will take pride in owning this classic metal and knowing its important role in your home.

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Wrought Iron Table and Floor Lamps
A warm and cozy room needs proper lighting to set the stage for a family's home. Wrought iron table and floor lamps emit a wonderful aura, perfect for reading, relaxing, and enjoying time together. Skilled artisans develop authentic designs that are sure to be a conversation piece for visiting guests. Even with all the usage that table and floor lamps endure, the wrought iron will continue to maintain its impressive stature. Shop our large selection of Table Lamps, & Floor Lamps.

Wrought Iron Chandeliers
Beautiful, historic homes are often adorned with classic chandeliers that act as the centerpiece for a room. Finding a chandelier that can live up to such grandeur means finding a chandelier with the highest quality craftsmanship. Wrought iron chandeliers, hand-crafted by skilled artisans who dedicate their time creating durable yet delicate masterpieces, fit the bill. There are numerous choices available for homes, each with its own intricate details. Wrought iron chandeliers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. Read more about Wrought Iron Chandeliers.

Wrought Iron Sconces
Some wall lighting does just that - light the wall. Other wall lighting, particularly wrought iron sconces, brings life to the space and guest's faces. Wrought iron sconces are impressive and fashionable fixtures that pair well with portraits and tapestries and liven the ambiance of living and dining room areas. Produced individually by highly skilled craftsman who ensure each one's authenticity, sconces emit light that feels elegant and sophisticated. While no two pieces are exactly alike, a room full of wrought iron sconces certainly brings the decor together. Read more about Wrought Iron Sconces.

Wrought Iron Pendant Lamps
Hanging pendant lamps are the perfect solution for an office, den or reading corner. These lamps provide a sufficient ray of light that concentrates on a specific space, allowing you to focus on the task at hand with little distraction. Wrought iron pendant lamps take it one step further by turning that same nook into a simple and elegant fashion statement. Hand-forged by talented craftsmen, construction of pendant lamps is extremely durable and meant to last a lifetime. A number of options are available for wrought iron pendant lamps, including size, shape, length, color and shade. Read more about Wrought Iron Pendant Lamps.

Wrought Iron Torchieres
Wrought iron torchieres consist of superbly patterned pillars atop a sturdy base, all topped by an exquisite glass shade. The light cast by such hand-crafted works of art emits an amber glow that soothes any soul in the room. The skilled craftsmanship displayed in each wrought iron torchiere is second-to-none. Styles range from rustic to modern with numerous choices for finishes and sizes. Read more about Wrought Iron Torchieres.

Lamp Shades
When you already own or have chosen a wrought iron base, the next step is choosing the ideal lamp shade. Timeless Wrought Iron offers dozens of excellent lamp shades, in various shapes, materials, and sizes, to help you pick one that matches your room's theme or decor. Read more about Lamp Shades.