Copper Table Top Guide

How to care for your copper furnishings

Copper is a surprisingly resistant metal that is easy to maintain. Our copper tops are made from solid sheets of recycled copper that have a patina applied, are then pounded around a wood core and finally wax coating is applied for protection. Copper can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and soap. For more detailed instructions on how to care for your copper table top please read the bullet points bellow.
Fun fact: Copper has the same natural antibacterial properties as silver.

How to maintain your copper table top?

  • Cleaning: Use mild soap, warm water, and a clean soft cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals, or disinfectant that could break down the protective wax and react with the copper.
  • Waxing & Protecting: To protect your copper table top and keep the copper sealed, apply clear paste wax every few weeks. This will preserve the finish and protect against spills and oxidation. First, apply a very thin coat of any commercially available furniture or wood floor paste wax. Briwax is best, but Johnson's, Minwax, or any other clear paste wax found at your local hardware store would work just fine. Let the wax dry for five to ten minutes. Then buff to a glossy sheen using a clean, dry cotton cloth. Each additional thin coat of wax makes the copper look richer and more beautiful. While waxing protects the copper, not waxing it will let the copper furniture age over time which can turn it into something more unique and bring out a beauty all its own.
  • Avoid Lacquer: Never ever seal your copper with lacquer.
  • Avoid Chemical Cleaners: You can dust your table by using nonabrasive cloth after every meal. You may also use mild soap and water. However, you should avoid using cleansers that have harsh chemicals as ingredients.
  • Protect Against Heat Marks: Such marks can become visible from very hot pots and pans, so use a hot pad or server for anything that comes directly from the oven or stove top.
  • Scratches & Stains: Copper is a soft metal and sharp utensils can scratch and gouge the surface. If your copper furniture becomes scratched or stained, the best thing to do is - nothing! Leave the affected area alone and let it be exposed to the air until the copper begins to regain its original color (just like how a shiny copper penny turns brown). The amount of time required for this process varies, but it is typically on the order of a few weeks. Once the affected area has healed itself and the original color tones have recovered, the copper should be sealed again with paste wax to preserve and protect the finish. Though the scratch will not technically be removed, it will not be visible once it turns back to the original color.

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