Hanging Pot Rack Installation Guide

How to Install a Hanging Pot Rack

Want to know how to install that Hanging Pot Rack in your kitchen? Then you've come to the right place!

Space always comes at a premium, and when you're talking about kitchen space, there never seems to be quite enough. In an apartment or small home, pots and pans seem to pour out of the cupboards. But the solution might just come from above.

Use gravity to your advantage with a sensible and stylish wrought iron hanging pot rack. It's a functional way to clear up some cabinet space while keeping all your utensils within arms reach.

An iron pot rack is a simple design that gives you another option when it comes to storing pots and pans. The pot rack simply hangs from the ceiling of your kitchen, freeing up valuable storage space by offering an area to hang pot and pans. A hanging pot rack just might be the solution to your kitchen clutter.

Tools and Supplies Needed:

  1. Stud Finder
  2. Drill & Drill Bits
  3. Tape Measure
  4. Ceiling Screw Hooks (usually included with purchase)
  5. Chain (also usually included with purchase) Extra Chain and other pot rack hardware is available here
  6. 2x4" x 4' (Needed if you are going to mount the pot rack in-between the ceiling joists)

Follow these simple steps to a clutter-free kitchen:

  • Step One: Choose a Pot Rack: (you can skip this if you already have one)

    Wrought iron pot racks come in just about every size and style. It is important to find one that fits the size of your kitchen and is aesthetically pleasing, seeing as you are going to be looking at it nearly everyday.

  • Step Two: Choose Where to Hang the Pot Rack:
    Hanging pot rack image displaying the height of the pot rack from ceiling to counter topClick Image To Enlarge

    First and foremost, choose a spot that is within your reach. Pot racks usually go over kitchen islands, sinks or counter areas. Keep in mind where you do most of your cooking and prep work, so your utensils are always close. Also, make sure you don't block ceiling lights or natural light sources. Remember some iron racks can be rather large in size, so keep the rack from blocking views into other rooms.

  • Step Three: Choose a Height for your Hanging Pot Rack:

    Iron pot racks should be hung so that your utensils are easily reachable, yet aren't low enough to bump your head. So first figure out what is your comfortable arms reach, then the height of your ceiling. Also, take into consideration how much the average pot or pan will hang down from the rack, thus creating a virtual extension of your reach. A good ballpark figure is approximately 42" above the counter space below. To figure out how your specific rack will fit, subtract the size of the rack from 42". That number will then tell you how many inches from the ceiling the kitchen rack should be hung.

  • Step Four: Find the Ceiling Joists:

    First, remember that you are dealing with a pot rack made of wrought iron, so you must hang it from the ceiling joist or wooden beam. Locate your joists. You can do this one of two ways: use a stud finder or look for nails or nail heads in the drywall. A stud finder is very simple, only requiring you to slide it across the ceiling and wait for the beep or flash indicating a solid frame. If you don't have a stud finder, you can check for joists every 16" to 24", looking for nails or nail heads and then tapping the area to find the solid frame.

  • Step Five: Drill the Pilot Holes:

    Once you've located the ceiling joists and decided where along the frame you want your pot rack to hang, measure the distance between the chains, and mark your ceiling. Drill the pilot holes, making sure that the holes are not larger than your ceiling hooks. Keep in mind the rack should be squared over the counter, island or sink.

  • Step Six: Secure the Chains:

    After screwing in the hooks into the ceiling, decide how low you want the rack to hang. Then, hang the chains on the hooks without the rack, in order to reduce the weight you're lifting above your head. Remember you can always add or subtract a link in the chain if you wish to adjust the height.

  • Step Seven: Attach Your Pot Rack:

    After you have set your chains at the desired length, simply attach your new wrought iron pot rack to the chains. Now, go ahead and hang your pots and pans.

Things to Remember While Hanging Your Pot Rack

If your ceiling joists do not run parallel with the rack, then you must add 2 x 4's. To do this, mark where you want your holes, pre-drill pilot holes and find where the holes match up in the attic. Cut your 2 x 4's to size, and nail them to the existing ceiling joists. Now you can simply screw your pot rack hooks into the joists.

Try not to hang your wrought iron rack above the stove. If you place the rack directly above the stove, your pots and pans might collect all the grease from cooking.

Remember, if you purchase your pot rack from us and run into installation problems, please give us a call at 800-957-1178. We will be happy to help you find a contractor in your area to professionally install your wrought iron pot rack for you.

Ok, now go put all your knowledge to good use, find the perfect place to hang your pot rack and start organizing! Start your pot rack search by clicking here. Still need a pot rack? Shop our selection of wrought iron pot racks - Click here >