Materials Used By SCI

Materials Used

Over the years we have tried to complement the iron we produce with beautiful, high quality materials that are skillfully integrated into the design. Each material has its own unique physical characteristics, design benefits, limitations and upkeep requirements. The following is a general overview of our most popular material options.

Forged Iron

The iron we use is low-carbon. It starts as either sheet, bar stock, pipe or plate, and is heated and pounded into shape by hand using traditional blacksmith tools and techniques. The surface is naturally scaled by the heat and textured by the hammer, adding character, warmth, beauty and authenticity to every piece. We try to dull or grind most of the sharp edges, and then we finish the iron with a multi-step process to seal and protect the iron, while enhancing the textures and design features of the product. The standard finish is Natural Black, but there are many other finish options. If an item is created for outdoor use, then we can provide a more weather resistant finish at the customer's request, for an up-charge. We recommend that you clean and buff the iron with a lint free cloth to remove dust. Occasional polishing with a quality furniture wax will also preserve the finish for a very long time.
Hand-Fired Copper

Our coppersmiths hand fire copper sheets, and then while the copper is still very hot, we treat it with a secret blend of minerals to draw out rich patinas that work so beautifully with iron, in rustic, contemporary or old world spaces. All of our copper is fired in-house. Part of the beauty in this product is that the patina patterns and colors will never be the same from firing to firing. It's an organic process that is wild, unpredictable and always surprising. Standard table tops include hand-textured surfaces, but not so deep as to make glass-tipping a problem. Tops feature copper wrapped corners, and are approximately 7/8" thick. When considering custom sizes keep in mind that there are limits to available copper sheet sizes, but there are ways to work around most needs. Custom options include top thickness, size, texture and corner treatments. In this catalog we are introducing beautiful textured iron corners for copper and wood tops. Our copper is cleaned, buffed and waxed prior to shipment and should be regularly cleaned and buffed with a furniture or automotive paste wax to preserve the luster.

Table Tops
Table tops, shelves, Linden case-goods, and custom furniture are available in several species, with many finish options. We use select grades appropriate to the desired look. Rustic and distressed looks will have grain patterns and knots that would not be appropriate for a more refined piece such as our Linden collection. Each piece is made here in the hills of Arkansas, stained, sealed and top-coated to provide durability and beauty. Clean and polish as you would any fine piece of wood furniture. Avoid abrasives and harsh cleansers. Never leave standing water or moisture on wood products. If you need a custom product using a species that we don't offer online, we will be happy to see if that need can be accommodated.


There are several standard upholstery options available, including cloth, leathers, and faux leathers. These have been selected for durability, design trend and beauty. We also have a COM (customers own material) program for a modest up-charge. COM orders are easy. Just call our toll free number and speak with customer care. Consideration for waste and pattern-repeat is critical. Foam and batting used for cushions meet standard smoke and flammability requirements. Standard white fabric seat coverings are available for customer recovering in the field. Our leathers are top grain hides, selected, tanned, dyed and finished for quality and durability. Color will vary with die-lots. Surface imperfections, graining patterns and live scrapes enhance the character and authenticity of the hide and should not be considered defects. Reputable leather care products are suitable for care and cleaning of our leathers.


The brooms we provide are hand-tied by gifted broom squires right here in the hills of Arkansas, using tools and techniques that date back over 100 years. The broom-corn is the finest quality we can find, and is available in a limited selection of custom colors. Call for availability. Occasional rinsing of the broom-corn in cool, clear water will help clean and restore the original shape. After rinsing, hang the broom straw-down until it dries. Standing the broom on its straw will tend to curve the corn over time.

Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops and shelving are available in standard sizes to fit the iron products listed in our catalog. Nipped and polished edges are available in many sizes, and thickness will vary based upon the application. Custom sizes are fragile and expensive to ship, and are therefore typically sourced locally by the client or customer. Care and cleaning of our glass is easy. Standard glass cleaners and lint free paper towels work fine. If you want to make your own cleaner simply mix up 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of filtered water, and 1 teaspoon of white vinegar. Newspaper works great to clean and remove streaks.

Tile Shelving

We use travertine tiles, selected for their natural beauty and unpredictable surface characteristics. Travertine is a sedimentary stone deposited on the earth's surface by rivers, geysers, and hot springs. The color variations come from iron compounds and organic matter that mixed into the sediment randomly, over time. It has been used in construction for thousands of years and is found throughout the US and the world. The surface preparation is a matte finish.